News Roundup: Rise of the Crypto Women, A Mega Deal and a Pot of NFTs

It’s International women’s day again ??‍? and we can’t be more proud of women all over the world. We are especially happy about the fact that more women are joining the crypto scene and excited about the potential for even more! As we celebrate women all over the world, here’s a bit of what else happened last week. Enjoy!

The Women of Crypto 

The world of crypto has generally been a boy’s club since Bitcoin was created. While there are women working in different capacities within the space, there’s still a huge gap. But this gap is finally closing and we love to see it. There have been several reports such as this one, showing that women are not just more interested in crypto, but also gaining more access to the crypto education and tools they need to succeed. 

Go Grimes!!

Grimes, the Canadian musician, and graphic artist, sold out $5.8 million worth of NFTs in just 20 minutes!!! NFT, short for Non-Fungible Token, is a type of crypto token that has a unique ID so that nobody else can copy it. You can create an NFT for your song, art, tweet, picture, etc, and sell it to someone else. Grimes, who is also the wife of Elon Musk is now the top grossing musician in the world of NFTs.

50 and Beyond!

In the most financially charged game of Cat and Mouse, the crypto world has been chasing the price of Bitcoin in the past week. People have watched its price fall below $50,000 in a slow tease while clutching their laptops and scanning all the news sites for signs of any positive change. And then it happened! Bitcoin said bye to $50k and jumped right back to $51,000. Now, the chase continues. $60,000 next?

How the Tides of Music Turn

Remember Tidal, the Jay-Z-affiliated music platform? Well, we have news! From the same duo that brought you an African-focused crypto trust, comes a new money move. In what many have called a monster deal, Square, also headed by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, has bought a major part of Tidal worth $297 million. Analysts have speculated that Square will bring a unique angle to the streaming service using blockchain technology. We can’t wait to see how it goes.


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