News Roundup: Regulation and Stories that Shook the Crypto World

Last week, we saw CBN’s letter to banks and it felt like when your partner’s parents tell them to break up with you ?. Aside from that, some awesome stuff happened. Enjoy!!

With Love, from CBN ?

We’ve probably said it a million times in the last 2 days but the Central Bank of Nigeria’s love letter to banks on Crypto felt like a gut punch ?. The main gist of it was that Nigerian banks shouldn’t service cryptocurrency companies. As you would expect, many people were worried, angry and hurt. But it takes a special type of coconut head to run a crypto company so we’ve been working nonstop to find solutions. Read about it here.

The Market Musk Obey

At this point, Elon could make an entirely new career sitting at home and tweeting about cryptocurrencies ?. No but really, how does one man have all this power? First, he added Bitcoin to his Twitter Bio and drove the price to $38,000. Now, Bitcoin has passed $42,000 after Tesla bought $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin ?

Ethereum: 1 Million Things to Look Forward To

As Bitcoin is giving us upward moves back to back, Ethereum is silently climbing behind it. Last week, we saw another All-time high of ₦820,000. With Ethereum’s plans for this year, it’s safe to say that ETH might just be getting started and ₦1 million could become a reality. For now, we Valentine’s day must be looking soft for a lot of people ?. Don’t forget to spread the love ?❤️

Microstrategy x Mega Moves

Guess how many new companies Microstrategy is pitching Bitcoin to! If you said 1400, which you probably didn’t, then you were correct. The tech conglomerate organised an event to talk about Bitcoin and its benefits with professionals from many companies. It’s popular opinion that the best way to get Bitcoin to institutional investors is by starting meaningful conversations around the topic. 

Dashing Out = Cashing Out

Real G’s move in silence and Dash is showing how it’s done with a 282% growth in transaction volume in just 1 year ?. Dash has silently rebranded into a more electronic and cloud-focused coin. And it looks like investors absolutely love it because in the past year transaction volumes for DASH have gone from $9.8 million to $37.4 million. Wow who’s buying all this Dash on the low? ?


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