News Roundup: Quarter to Crypto

The last 3 months have been great for crypto! Bitcoin and so many other coins including ETH saw new all-time highs and new buyers. The crypto space received more funding than it has ever done, and the number of crypto users globally is now in the hundreds of millions. NFTs have also gained so much popularity with huge million-dollar sales in the last quarter. That’s how you develop a field and we’re living for it. Without wasting any time, here’s what happened last week. Enjoy!

The Month of Ethereum

Ethereum has done it again!!! And by ‘it’, we mean beating its previous all-time high of  $2,041 set on February 19th. This time, Ethereum grazed the $2,095 price point, as a possible hint of what’s to come. There have been different predictions of April being a good month for Ethereum and we’re excited to see how that goes. At the time of writing, ETH is still trading at $2,095 (₦1,041,600) at the time of writing.

XRP to the Moon?

XRP has made heavy strides in the last week, hitting about (₦520) for the first time since 2018. This is a step up by about 55% from the previous week. The story of XRP is a strange one mostly because it’s still in the middle of the SEC vs Ripple battle but its community is trying to make waves regardless. The question on ground now is whether XRP can destroy its former all-time high of $3.19 and make groundbreaking progress this year. 

Crypto: Where the Money Resides

In other more general crypto news, crypto has received more investment and funding in the last 3 months than it did in the whole of 2020. As more people and companies find out about cryptocurrency and its benefits, there’s a rush to get in now, in hopes of profiting in the future. The good thing about this is that more development gets to happen, from new coins, to better media, research and development, and even better solutions to problems. 

Who Wants to Be an NFT Millionaire?

Mark Cuban and Ashton Kutcher who are hosting an NFT competition that will be judged by Snoop Dogg. With a final prize of $1 million for the most innovative NFT idea, they are calling for pitches before April 12.  Everyone is talking about NFTs and for good reason. Wild things have been happening in the space lately such as Beeple selling his digital art as an NFT for $69 million, Grimes making millions from it, and everyone else who’s making strides. 

Akon the Builder, Can He Fix it?

Akon is building a second crypto city in Uganda and the government approves. To show that approval, they’ve allocated land for the project. According to reports, the city will occupy 1 square mile which is about half the size of London city (not Greater London). But it doesn’t stop there. Akon is also building a $6 billion city in the heart of Senegal which covers about 3.12 square miles. Both cities will use Akon’s cryptocurrency Akoin (AKN), which is based on the Stellar blockchain.


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