News Roundup: Pre-Christmas Blues

After many weeks of loud news, it was pretty cool to have one lowkey week in the market. But, you know how it goes – even in the silence, some things still blow our minds ?. 

Check out the most exciting scoops from last week

The Year of The Doge ?

Last week, Google published its list of the most popular searches for 2021. The list showed that “Dogecoin” was the fourth most searched term on Google globally throughout the year ?, while “Ethereum price” took home the 10th position. 

It’s a pretty exciting development since no cryptocurrency was featured on Google’s top searches list in 2020. Yet another sign that crypto is global now! 

Ho Ho Ho ?

Thinking of giving someone cryptocurrencies this Christmas? Well, you’re not alone! ? A recent survey from BlockFi shows that one in ten Americans are considering gifting crypto to their loved ones this holiday period. 

Bitcoin is the most popular choice, followed by Dogecoin and Ethereum. So, make someone smile this Christmas. Get a friend’s Quidax username and share the Christmas cheer! 

Back to Work ⚒️

Crypto miners took a pretty big hit when China banned the activity and everyone had to find new homes. But, it looks like things are back to normal again. Bitcoin’s mining hashrate hit 180 exahashes per second (EH/s) last week, marking a new record ?. 

The hashrate measures the activity of miners on a network. Now that it’s back to record levels, it looks like the miners are back. We move! 

WhatsApp With Novi? ?

Even though the head of Meta’s (formerly Facebook) crypto team will leave the company this year, it is still doing big things. Last week, a company official confirmed that they’ve begun testing payments for the Novi wallet in WhatsApp. 

Since WhatsApp is one of Meta’s many apps, it will eventually enable payments using Novi. For now, though, just a few people in the U.S. are part of the tests. Let’s wait and see what they’re cooking?.  

Looking Out for Mother Nature ?

Last week, the Tezos blockchain released an audit of its network activity and revealed that it has become way more energy-efficient this year. The audit was performed by PwC, and it showed that the Tezos blockchain has managed to reduce its carbon footprint and energy consumption. 

At the same time, network activity on Tezos has increased this year. See? Crypto isn’t so bad for the environment ?.


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