News Roundup: Own The Future!

Coin prices are taking a breather, but we’re not panicking ?‍♂️. Considering how well they’ve performed over the past month, they deserve a little break. 

But, break or not, we know the market always moves ?. Here are some of the most interesting things from around the cryptoverse last week. 

Crypto For The Future ??

These days, everyone saves for retirement – hey, you can’t keep working till you’re old, right? ?‍♂️ Well, what if you could use crypto to fund your retirement plans? 

A survey from Investopedia showed that 28% of American millennials are already using crypto to save for their retirement ?. That’s more than the number of people using stocks and cash savings. Think they’re on to something? Why not join them? Sign into your Quidax account today and start saving towards retirement! NFA, though ?.  

Elon Is Our New Landlord ?

Twitter is probably the biggest community of crypto lovers in the world. And last week, Elon Musk made a huge splash by buying 9.2% of the company for a little over $3 billion! ?

Thanks to his purchase, Elon is now Twitter’s biggest shareholder. Now that he’s a big Twitter investor, does it mean we could finally get Dogecoin support on Twitter? ? Or maybe just an “Edit” button for now. Who knows? ?‍♂️

Axie Is Down, But Not Out ?

Two weeks ago, we reported that Axie Infinity got hit with a massive hack that saw the platform lose over $600 million ?. Even though the price of AXS didn’t suffer much, it was still a pretty big incident. 

Well last week, Axie Infinity’s developers announced that they had raised $150 million ?. The money will go towards compensating the hack victims and rebuilding the ecosystem, so everyone can enjoy playing in their metaverse again! ?

School For The Cool Kids ?

Speaking of the metaverse, how would you like to go to school there? ? Last week, The Sandbox partnered with Ledger to promote crypto education in the metaverse. 

Thanks to the partnership, The Sandbox will improve its metaverse’s security. They also hope to improve crypto education by attracting more people into the metaverse to learn. Still haven’t gotten your crypto beginners’ license? Why not try the Quidax Crypto Academy before moving into the metaverse. Sign up here! ? 

Nigeria Did It First ??

Everyone’s been trying to get a central bank digital currency (CBDC). And last week, South Africa’s government published a document containing a roadmap for the development of their CBDC ?. 

It’s definitely a step in the right direction, and we’re glad that another African country is about to launch a CBDC. But for now, we did it first ?.


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