News Roundup: No Backing Down!

Mehn, did we have hope for this week ?. Bitcoin crossed $40,000 for the first time in a month, and we were all ready to smile to the bank again. It dropped again over the week ?, but at least we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel ?. 

So, what’s been going on throughout the week? Let’s see:

To the Moon!!!. But First, the White House ?

Last week, the Republican Party of the United States announced that it would begin accepting crypto donations ?. The party will collect donations through BitPay, which will handle converting the crypto to dollars. So, if you’re a Republican crypto lover and you want to support your favourite politician, doing so just became a whole lot easier ?. These small wins for crypto are definitely racking up! ?

NFTs in the News ?

NFT fever has caught up with some of our favourite celebrities. Now, CNN is feeling the heat too. Recently, the news agency launched an NFT project called “Vaults By CNN.” With Vaults, CNN will be offering some famous news moments in the past for sale. Imagine owning Barack Obama’s inauguration as an NFT. Cool, isn’t it? ?

Bitcoin’s Calling, Ethiopia! ?

If you’re excited about the El Salvador news, then this might make you jump out of your seat. On Tuesday, a group of Ethiopian businessmen – called Project Mano – explained that they’ve been working with their government to adopt Bitcoin for a few months. This will include mining and linking Bitcoin to legal tenders in Ethiopia. Another domino is getting ready to fall, ladies and gentlemen!  ?  

Texas Is On a Hot Girl Summer ?

On Tuesday, CNBC reported that many of the miners that left China after the government crackdown are now moving to Texas. Texas has a lot of free land, so miners can set up pretty easily. Electricity is also cheaper there, so miners can still make a profit ⚡. As long as no one causes trouble, Bitcoin mining could become the next big thing in the United States… again.  

The Brits Love Them Some Bits! ?

A recent study revealed that 2.3 million people in the U.K. now own crypto. Last year, the number was 1.9 million. Also, 78 percent of British adults have heard of crypto before. If awareness continues to rise, the government just might be willing to allow crypto. Perhaps a coin with Her Majesty’s face on it? ?


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