News Roundup: More Wins!

Coin prices still didn’t increase by much this week, but crypto stays winning ?. Whether it’s crypto companies or countries accepting crypto, the industry did pretty well this week.  

You might want to play Jay Rock’s “Win” before you read this newsletter ?. Let’s see what we got:  

Hola, Argentina ?

Argentina is taking a few pages from El Salvador’s book on crypto adoption. On Tuesday, a Congressman in the country introduced a bill to allow some workers to get paid in crypto ?. If the bill passes, these workers can choose to get paid partly or fully in crypto ?. 

Crypto Rocks the Stock Market… Again ?

Remember when Coinbase went public in May? ?. Well, Circle is about to take the same route ?. On Thursday, the company announced plans to go list on the New York Stock Exchange this year. Circle is the company behind USDC – the second most popular stablecoin. By going public, everyone can now invest in the company’s stock ?. Crypto wins again ?.

A Real-Life Murder Mystery ?

Trigger Warning//Suicide: The death of John McAfee – the controversial antivirus maker and crypto fan -was a sad thing ?. But, his wife isn’t believing the suicide story. McAfee reportedly committed suicide in a Spanish prison and left a note in his pocket. But, his wife denied seeing the note on Wednesday ?. Is someone hiding something? ?

Slam Dunk Time ?

July is proving to be a big month for crypto and the NBA. Earlier this month, the Portland Trail Blazers partnered with StormX, a blockchain company, to wear the company’s logo on their jerseys for the next five years ?. This week, Socios – a service that allows teams to create fan tokens – partnered with the Boston Celtics for better “international marketing” ?. It’s baby steps, but crypto is getting a bigger presence in professional basketball ⛹️. 

The Flippening is Coming ?

Bitcoin has always been the big boss when it comes to crypto ?. But, could that  change soon? On Tuesday, Goldman Sachs reported that Ethereum could overtake Bitcoin in a few years ?. The bank explained that Ethereum has the most popular blockchain. So, if more people and companies use it, Ethereum will eventually become more valuable than Bitcoin. Talk about a big shakeup ?.


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