News Roundup: Make Way for Bitcoin at ₦21 Million

Bitcoin came through with an awesome valentines day gift for its investors: the gift of more money. And we are not complaining?. you already know that we’ll be watching the charts waiting for the next all-time high, and hopefully celebrating soon. In other news, last week the millionaires were ‘millionairing’, payment companies were adopting, and football clubs were balling with crypto. Here’s the juice:

All the Way Up

Pull out the champagne, it’s time to celebrate another all-time high for Bitcoin. We are currently at about ₦21.3 million ($49,000) and it looks like all those $50,000 predictions are about to come true. This makes the question “What does bitcoin have in store for 2021?” even juicier! We can’t wait to see what other milestones we’ll be celebrating, but for now things are looking Rosé.

Crypto Milan ⚽️

Remember a couple of weeks back when we told you that AC Milan was creating its own fan token? And how their football fans could buy it and get voting rights on different club-related things? Well, it looks like it’s time to test those voting privileges because AC Milan is giving its token holders the opportunity to vote on a new motto for the club. Don’t you just love Democracy in 2021? 

Jack x Jay Z: The Crypto Blueprint 

What’s better than one millionaire? Two! Especially when they decide to spend some of that money on African crypto development. The supposed rumour that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and the one and only Jay-Z created a crypto Trust for Africa is true. The fund, worth 500BTC ($24 million) Will be managed by other people. Surprisingly, none of the contributors will have a say in how the fund is distributed.

A Taste of the Bit Apple 

Guess what’s coming to Apple Pay!! You guessed it! Crypto payments thanks to Bitpay. The latter Announced that bitpay card holders cannot connect an apple wallet and pay for things using Apple pay. This is huge, especially because Apple Pay has about 383 million users worldwide.  It’s a large market and hopefully Bitpay can position itself for more people to use cryptocurrencies for everyday payments.

United Kingdom of Paypal 

Move over people! Paypal is expanding its crypto services to the UK and it’s going to be big. Back in December, Paypal announced that they would allow people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. That news had such a huge impact because finally it seemed like normal companies were starting to adopt cryptocurrency. Now, PayPal is looking to replicate that in the UK and we can’t wait to see what impact this news has!


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