News Roundup: Make Money, Not War

So we were getting ready to say goodbye to the month of love, but last week was a pretty tough one ?. With everything going on in Ukraine, the market hasn’t reacted so well. 

If you’re worried about the market and the Ukraine conflict, we’ve got a sweet post for you ?. In the meantime, let’s see some of last week’s biggest news: 

The Metaverse Is Blue ⚽

You know how Manchester United and Manchester City compete for pretty much everything? Well, they’re taking their beef to crypto as well ?. 

Two weeks ago, Man. United signed a sponsorship deal with the Tezos blockchain. Last week, Man. City did one better. They announced that they’ll build a version of their Etihad Stadium in the metaverse ?. It’s another piece of history for the metaverse, and we can’t wait to see it. 

Bitcoin To The Rescue! ?

If you thought Bitcoin would sit out the Ukraine conflict, you’re wrong. With the conflict still on, Ukraine’s currency has lost a lot of value. So, many Ukrainians are have jumped on the crypto bandwagon ?. 

Last week, one of Ukraine’s largest crypto exchanges saw a 400% increase in volumes ?. Several other exchanges sold more crypto during the conflict as well, showing that crypto has been a force for good in this conflict so far. 

Let’s Take A Trip ?️

Remember when people criticized El Salvador for legalizing Bitcoin last year? Well, here’s a big piece of humble pie for all the haters! ?

Last week, El Salvador’s minister of tourism claimed that tourism has jumped by 30% since they legalized Bitcoin as a form of money. El Salvador’s president also said that the country’s GDP grew by 10.3% in 2021 ?. So, who still thinks Bitcoinw as a bad idea for El Salvador? 

BTC For Tacos ??

Speaking about El Salvador, it look  like another country might be getting ready to follow in its footsteps. This time, it’s everyone’s favorite holiday destination; Mexico! ?

Last week, a Mexican Senator said that she’s working on a bill that will legalize Bitcoin in the country. She expects to present the bill this year, s let’s see if it passes and Bitcoin becomes official money ?. 

Diem Lives On! ?

So Meta has officially shut down its Diem stablecoin project. But, it looks like some people are trying to revive it ?. Last week, two former Meta programmers started a company called Aptos. Their goal is simple – to bring the Diem blockchain to life! 

Aptos is already in talks to raise some money. Will they succeed? If they do, what will the people at Meta think about this? Grab your popcorn, people. This should be fun ?.


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