News Roundup: Let’s Help You Out

The past week was eventful, as usual. Everyone is waiting for crypto prices to go up, but there’s a lot of exciting stuff going on ?. Who knows? You could see some opportunities after reading this piece ?.

Adieu, John ?

On Wednesday, John McAfee was found dead in a Spanish prison ?. Many will remember McAfee for his famous antivirus – Yes, that same one that came with your Windows computer when you first got it ?. Besides that, McAfee was a big crypto believer. He encouraged people to buy as much Bitcoin as they could, although he had some pretty wild price predictions.

NFTs Score Again… Literally ⚽

The German national soccer team has announced that it will launch NFT cards of 18 of its players throughout the EURO2020 tournament ?. The cards will allow fans to engage better with the players at the Euros and provide more revenue for the German FA ?. Who’s jumping on the NFT train next? ? 

Help Wanted ?

Last week, Bloomberg reported that crypto firms are struggling to find great talent as they look to expand ?. The report explained that there are too many companies and not enough talent. So, if you’ve got the skills and want to work in crypto, this might be the perfect opportunity to dust up your resume and start applying ?. Start here ?. . 

Big Money Talks ?

On Thursday, Andreessen Horowitz – one of the biggest tech investors – announced a $2.2 billion investment fund for cryptocurrencies ?. Crypto Fund III, as they called it, will be used to fund companies and teams that are building in the crypto space. If you’re doing some cool stuff, this might be a nice opportunity to get some funding?. Don’t bother thanking us – we’ve got your back ? 

Coming to A Bank Near You ?

A new partnership between the New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) and Q2 aims to bring crypto to bank account owners in the United States. Q2 provides services to some of the biggest banks in the country, covering 18.3 million American customers. This partnership will help the banks provide crypto services more easily if they want to. Another win for crypto adoption ✅ 


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