News Roundup: Let The Bulls Run Free

We just had two weeks of gains in a row for the market! ? Can you remember the last time this happened? Looks like we might be getting ready to smile to the bank soon ?. 

In terms of news, not much actually happened throughout last week. Looks like most people just sat home and watched coin prices rise ✌️. But, there was still some gist that managed to keep us engaged. Here are a few of them:

Bringing The Swag To You ?

Weeks back, we reported that Solana’s creators are launching an Android smartphone with cool Web3 functionalities. Well, it looks like they’re also ready to get into the fashion game. 

Last week, Solana Labs opened Solana Spaces – a new store in New York where people can shop Solana-branded merch and also get educational sessions on Web3 ?. What do you think? Should other crypto companies try this? ?

Best Way To Say “I Do” ?

If you’re thinking about getting married soon, you might want to step your game up a bit because people are jumping into the metaverse to say their vows ?. 

Last week, a government official in Singapore confirmed that their citizens would now be able to get married right in the metaverse. Who needs a boring old wedding when you can tie the knot in another dimension? ?

Is Your Country Ready For Crypto? ?

A  list of the meat crypto-friendly countries was released recently, showing that Germany and the United States are leading everyone else ?. Last week, another list showing countries that are ready to boost their crypto adoption levels. 

The list showed that Hong Kong is the most crypto-ready country right now, followed by the United States and switzerland at #3. We couldn’t find any African country in the top 20, though – isn’t that kind of weird? ?

Beware Of The Cryptojackers ?

While we’re hyped about the market’s performance, it is also important to stay safe ?‍♂️. A new report found that “cryptojacking” – a form of crypto theft – is starting to get more popular again. 

Cryptojaking is a type of hack where attackers infect your computer with malware and mine crypto using your computer ?. Here’s a quick explainer. It can be pretty dangerous, so remember to be careful out there.  

Watch Your Back, Bitcoin ?‍?

For a while now, the market has been excited about “The Flippening” – basically, the possibility of Ethereum overtaking Bitcoin ?. And, now that Ethereum’s Merge is coming, it looks like that might happen someday. 

We saw an interview from last week where a researcher claimed that the Merge could be what finally pushes Ethereum ahead of Bitcoin. Do you think so? ?


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