News Roundup: Kick Back And Relax

So after the week before and how low the market went, it was great to see coins trade up last week ?. Now, let’s just hope things get back to normal soon enough. If you’ve got Diamond Hands like us, we’ll eat good soon ?. 

As for market gist, we’ve got some interesting stuff to share. Check out the biggest headlines: 

Crypto Goes Anime ?

Crypto and entertainment go together like bread and mayonnaise. We already have movies and Netflix series that talk about crypto. Now, crypto is getting the anime treatment! ?

Last week, Noma – a Japanese movie studio – announced that they would be producing a series about crypto ?. The movie will be titled “The Rhetoric Star,” and it’ll be released in 2014. Slowly, crypto is becoming movie star magic.  

No, Bitcoin Isn’t Dead ?

Whenever the market dips, there will always be investors trying to check if we’ll ever see gains again. After Bitcoin dropped below $20,000, data showed that searches for “Bitcoin dead” hit an all-time high ?.

Well, Bitcoin’s price Jumped last week. So, we can all agree that it’s not dead ?. The market might be going through a rough patch right now, but crypto’s future is brighter than ever. 

NFTs Are Coming To The Gram ?

Meta is giving us some quality content on Instagram very soon. Last week, the company announced that they’ve started testing NFTs on Instagram Stories ?. So, very soon, you’ll be able to show off your cool NFT on the ‘Gram for everyone to see. 

Meta is also bringing the same feature to Facebook. They’re a bit late to the party, but hey; the more the merrier, right? ?‍♂️

Terra’s Employees Feeling The Heat ?

Two weeks ago, we reported that authorities in South Korea are now investigating Terraform Labs – the company behind the collapsed Terra ecosystem ?. Well, it looks like things are now heating up for real. 

A local report last week claimed that Terraform Labs’ employees are now unable to leave the country ?. They’re trying to keep everyone in the country, so they can complete the investigations quickly. Sheesh! ?‍?

Elon is Coming for Twitter ?

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has been a never-ending saga for the past three months ?. However, things appear to be moving forward quickly. Last week, Twitter’s board of directors recommended that the company’s shareholders should approve Elon’s takeover ?. Now, the board will be holding a virtual meeting at an unspecified date to approve the takeover. We’re almost at the finish line, people!


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