News Roundup: Jingle All The Way

Last week was the big one – Christmas weekend! ? Bitcoin gave us a sweet Christmas gift by climbing back above $50,000, so let’s hope it stays there and climbs even higher. 

For now, everyone’s making plans for what 2022 will look like ?. Interestingly, 2021 isn’t quite done with us just yet. Let’s dive into what last week had for us: 

Bitcoin for Brainiacs ?

Last week, the world was introduced to Barnaby Swinburn – a 12-year-old from Bristol, England who scored a 162 out of a possible 162 on an IQ test ?. For reference, Albert Einstein was only able to get 160. 

And what does the boy genius want for Christmas? According to his mother, he’d love Bitcoin! Apparently, even the smartest people in the world think Bitcoin is great.

Who’s The Joke Now? ?

Two weeks ago, Elon Musk said that Tesla will sell official merch for DOGE soon. Last week, the Dogecoin Foundation took another step closer towards their ultimate goal – making the coin more useful. 

According to a product roadmap, the Foundation will work with Vitalik Buterin – Etheruem’s co-founder – to build a DOGE staking service ?. Soon, DOGE owners will be able to stake their coins and get extra DOGE for supporting its network. 

Cool Kids Love Crypto ?

If you’re having trouble finding the right talent to work for your company, perhaps you’re approaching their salaries the wrong way. 

A new CNBC report revealed that more companies are paying their workers in crypto ?. These companies are finding it easier to recruit as well, showing that more people prefer to be paid in crypto. So, if you’re a business owner, you know what to do. NFA, though

Touchdown! ?

If you’re a fan of American football, you’d know that the Super Bowl is one of the most-watched showpieces every year. Well, whichever team you support at the next Super Bowl, get ready to see a lot of crypto ads ?. 

Already, several crypto companies have booked ad slots at the Super Bowl. These include Crypto.com and FTX. Regardless of who wins, we know crypto will have a huge day at the showpiece.

A New Kid on the Block ?

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that 2021 has been the year of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It would appear that this trend is stronger than we all thought. According to data from Google Trends, search volumes for “NFT” surpassed those of “Crypto” for this Christmas week ?. Remember that “NFT” was recently named “Word of the Year” by Collins Dictionary. Boy, what a year it’s been.


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