News Roundup: It’s a Cold Winter

So we all entered last week thinking that the market was going to get back to greens. But, it looks like the bears are still biting ?. 

But hey; you know how it is – even in a bad week for the market, we’ve still got news to make us happy ?. Let’s check out the biggest headlines:

​​The Mayor of Bitcoinville ??‍?

On Thursday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams finally took his first crypto paycheck ?. The pro-crypto mayor was paid in cash, but he immediately converted it to Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Mayor Adams still has two more paychecks to get in crypto, so let’s see how it goes later on. Even better, we’d like to see which other government official gets paid in crypto. Any takers yet? ?

Micro Diamond Hands ?

MicroStrategy, a business tech company in the U.S., has become popular for buying Bitcoin with any dollar it gets. Right now, the company has a Bitcoin stash worth $5 billion ?.

Now that the markets are feeling the blues, you’d wonder if MicroStrategy has sold any BTC. Well, last week, the company’s CEO gave the world an answer – “No!” MicroStrategy is all in, people! ?

New Job. Who Dis? ??‍?

A report from LinkedIn showed that the number of crypto job postings on the site increased by 395% all through 2021 ?. So, it seems 2021 wasn’t just a bull run for crypto jobs – it was bullish on crypto jobs too!

Today, different crypto companies are expanding. From exchanges to mining companies, it’s a good time to be in crypto. Want to work at the best crypto company ever? Check out this link ?.

NFTwitter ?

Worried about what to use as a Twitter profile pic? Well, how about your non-fungible token (NFT)? ? Last week, Twitter launched a new feature that lets users upload their NFTs as their profile pictures. 

The new feature is only available to paid Twitter Blue subscribers. But, hopefully, those of us who use Twitter for free will be able to use our NFT as a profile pic soon ?. 

Google Pay (With Crypto) ⚡

The love story between big tech companies and crypto continues ?. Tesla started accepting DOGE payments two weeks ago, and Google seems to be the next. Last week, a top Google executive said that they’re now looking into bringing crypto payments to their Google Pay service ?. Soon, you might be able to pay for that Android app with Bitcoin.


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