News Roundup: How’s Your Portfolio Holding Up?

If you think the last two weeks were scary, then last week must have given you chills ?. Big coins saw huge drops, and many of us could only watch. But, remember that dips always happen ?. The best investors just know how to navigate them better. 

Jack Is Coming For Web5 ?

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you would have heard about the buzz surrounding Web3 and the future of the internet ?. Well, our Jack Dorsey is thinking two steps ahead and working on what he calls “Web5.” 

TBD, a new company formed by Jack, recently announced that it would be working on “Web5” – a decentralized internet built on Bitcoin. We don’t know how this will work yet ?, but Jack always brings his A-game when he launches something. So, this should be good.

90 Degrees Celsius ?

Celsius is a decentralized lending and staking tool that allows investors to earn rewards on their cryptocurrencies. In a shocking move, it announced on Sunday that it would stop all withdrawals and swaps ?. 

The problem appears to be due to the market. Celsius’s CEL token has dropped hugely in the past month, and a lot of customers have moved money off the platform ?. Celcius hasn’t folded yet, but stopping withdrawals is never a good sign. 

Another Hack On The Way? ?

Yuga Labs, the company that created those popular Bored Ape NFTs, has suffered several hacks in the past few weeks. But, the company’s CEO Gordon Goner still believes that hackers are still targeting them. 

Goner tweeted last week that he got a tip that some people might be planning to hack Yuga Labs’ Twitter account and promote a scam ?. If you’re an NFT fan, remember to stay safe out there. These NFT thieves aren’t playing. 

NFTs On Your Wrist ⌚

Tired of just having NFTs in your wallet? Well, what if you could wear them wherever you go? ? Last week, Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer launched a new watch that connects time with NFTs and the blockchain. 

The new watch – called the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 – will allow holders to show their NFTs. You will also be able to connect your wallet to the watch ?. Looks like Rolex has some competition, right? 

The Haters Are Coming For Elon ?‍⚖️

Last week, a DOGE investor sued Elon Musk – as well as Tesla and SpaceX. The investor claimed that DOGE is a Ponzi scheme, and that Elon scammed millions of people by encouraging them to invest. Now, he’s asking for $258 billion in damages ?. 

Elon Musk became the Dogefather after posting DOGE-themed memes and making us laugh on Twitter. But, it now looks like all of that might be used against him. Relax though ?; this suit is most likely not going to get anywhere.


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