News Roundup: Hot Crypto Summer

Quiet gains for the market again this week – buy hey; small wins are better than big losses, right? We keep going! ?

Last week was a pretty eventful one for the market. We saw some exciting wins ?, sad losses, and interesting developments from some of our favorite companies. Check out the market’s biggest news in our latest roundup: 

Africa To The (Crypto) World! ?

The Central African Republic (CAR) has been in the crypto news quite a lot recently. Last week, they struck again after its government launched a crypto hub called “Sango ⚡” 

The Sango hub is expected to develop the CAR’s local crypto industry. The government hopes to improve Bitcoin adoption, after they made Bitcoin legal tender back in April. The CAR is also building a metaverse and working on a CBDC! ? Talk about goals.

The Bear Market’s Latest Victim ?

If you’ve been following the market recently, you’d know that several crypto companies have struggled ?‍?. Now, the latest in that line is a crypto exchange called Voyager.

On Tuesday, Voyager officially filed for bankruptcy in New York ?. The exchange stopped withdrawals a few weeks back and had tried to resume operations. Sadly, it wasn’t to be. Another one bites the dust. 

A Fork And A Plate ?️

The Cardano blockchain has been improving quite a lot recently. This month, it added another big upgrade caled “Vasil.” 

Vasil is a hard fork on the Cardano blockchain that is expected to make the blockchain faster and reduce transaction costs ?. It is expected to complete its launch this month, but the first stage has already been a huge success. Do you think this will help Cardano’s price? 

Meta Packs It Up ✌️

After Meta shut down its Libra crypto project, everyone thought it was the end of the company’s crypto plans. Well, it looks like we were right. 

Last week, the website for Novi – Meta’s crypto wallet – was changed to show that it would stop operating in September ?. Meta had built Novi to be the official wallet for its Libra coin, but it seems there’s no use for it now that Libra won’t launch. It was nice knowing you, Novi! ?

Crypto Haters, Unite! ✊

You know how crypto fans and industry members organize regular conferences to talk about the future? Well, it appears crypto haters also have a conference of their own ?. Last week, a journalist shared an invite for the Crypto Policy Symposium. It will be an anti-crypto meetup where crypto haters can freely talk about their dislike for the industry ?‍♂️. Just imagine the type of talk you could hear at a place like this! 


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