News Roundup: Green Lights Everywhere!

It was another awesome week for crypto investors! Coin prices are jumping even higher, and we’re seeing a lot of innovation to make crypto better. At this point, October is in the running for “Month of the Year.” 

New High. Who’s this? ?

Bitcoin crossed one milestone two weeks ago, and it crushed another last week. For the first time since May 2021, Bitcoin’s price hit $60,000! The price might have slipped below that point again, but we’re making progress, people! ? It’s been a wild ride for the past six months, but it seems we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Feels good, doesn’t it?  

Crypto to the Skies! ✈️

Venezuela has been adopting cryptocurrencies pretty rapidly in recent years. Last week, local reports claimed that a major airport in Venezuela’s capital city – Caracas – wants to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method ?. If the reports are true, people could pay for flight tickets and other services using crypto at the airport. Another score for adoption. 

The Block is Hot. Literally ?

Remember when everyone was criticizing Bitcoin mining for its effects on the environment? Well, MintGreen – a Canadian company – wants to do something about it. Last week, MintGreen announced that it plans to convert most of the energy gotten from Bitcoin mining into heat ?. The company will supply this heat to homes in the Northern Vancouver area. Seems that mining has found its silver lining. 

Tesla Goes Zoom ?️ 

Tesla made headlines when it invested $1 billion into Bitcoin earlier this year. That bet is now paying off quite nicely. Data from Bitcoin Treasuries showed that by last week, the company had made a profit of $1.5 billion from its Bitcoin purchase ?. Even though Tesla won’t accept Bitcoin for payments yet, Elon Musk’s baby is still cashing out. Talk about goals.  

Stripe Sees the Light ?‍?

Crypto payments are the future – and more institutions are starting to see it. The latest company to see the light is Stripe; one of the biggest payment processors. Now that PayPal and Square are heavily into crypto, Stripe is doing the same. The company published a job listing for a new crypto team. Think you got what it takes? Shoot your shot, then ?. 


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