News Roundup: Going Green

We’re eagerly counting down the days before Bitcoin crosses $50,000 again ?. If you stuck around throughout the downturn, give yourself a treat this week – you definitely earned it ?. 

Besides the popping crypto market, a lot went down last week across the cryptoverse ?. Let’s take a look at the hottest news:

Coins for the King ?

Lionel Messi shook the world last week when he left FC Barcelona and joined Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) ?. The ? will earn between $41 million and $47 million yearly in Paris, but he was also given $PSG fan tokens as part of his “welcome package.”? Fan tokens allow holders – mostly fans – to vote on minor team decisions. PSG didn’t say how much he would earn, but they said it would be “significant.” ?

Crypto is Coming Full Circle ⭕

We reported last month that Circle – the company behind USDC – wants to go public ?. Well, they’re not done yet. Last week, Circle announced that it plans to become a national crypto bank in the United States ?. Circle believes that this will grow the crypto industry’s potential for changing how people spend and invest money. These guys are ready to join the big boys! ?

From Conspiracy Theories to a Unicorn ?

Reddit is the one place you can go to find the hottest coins ?. The platform has become more popular this year, and its bank account is booming too! ? On Thursday, Reddit announced a Series F funding round where it expects to raise $700 million ?. This means that the company is now worth $10 billion. Reddit is also planning to go public sometime, so the stock watchers among us should get ready ?.

Got Coins? Spend ‘Em Now ? 

Venmo, a popular payment service owned by PayPal, has expanded its support for crypto ?. On Tuesday, the company launched a “Cash Back to Crypto” service. With this, people with Venmo credit cards will be able to convert their cashback rewards to cryptocurrencies ⚡. Venmo supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. If you’ve got one of their cards and want to spend crypto easily, this is big news ?.  

We’re “Ghana” Get a CBDC Soon ??

The Bank of Ghana wasn’t joking around when it said it was launching an e-cedi ?. We got word on Wednesday that they partnered with a German currency provider to launch the upcoming currency ?. Both parties will partner on the e-cedi’s pilot tests, which should happen later this year ?️. If the tests are successful, the currency will be launched to everybody! ?


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