News Roundup: Fun Times in Crypto Land

Last week had some interesting news, as usual.
Coin prices are doing their best to stay up, but it’s the people in crypto that are hogging the headlines. So, what have we got? Well, Dogecoin’s creator got a reality check ?, and crypto received some major endorsements ✅ 

Check out the latest news:  

We’ve Got Crypto Beef ?

This week started interestingly. On Tuesday, Jackson Palmer, one of Dogecoin’s creators, blasted cryptocurrencies for “helping with tax evasion” and a bunch of other stuff ?. Everyone spent the week angry at Palmer for sounding like a hater. Then on Friday, Brian Armstrong, Coinbase’s CEO, piled on ?. While Armstrong didn’t name Palmer in his Twitter thread, it seemed like he was replying to Palmer. Will the Dogecoin boss respond? ? 

Crypto’s Got Game! ?

Spike Lee is one of the most legendary movie directors of this era. Last week, he made an ad for Coin Cloud – a company that manufactures crypto ATMs ?. Spike also starred in the ad, as he talked about many of the problems with traditional money. Another celebrity endorsement for crypto check ✅. 

Touchdown! ?

Saquon Barkley has become the latest NFL player to make a crypto endorsement ?. Last week, he confirmed that he will convert all of his endorsement earnings to crypto from now on ?. Barkley explained that he truly believes in crypto as a way of preventing inflation. He also said that crypto can help him to make “generational wealth” for his children. You go, Saquon! ?

The El Salvador Effect ?

Last week, a lawmaker in Argentina introduced a bill to pay some workers in Bitcoin. This week, two lawmakers in Paraguay announced a Bitcoin bill that will go before the country’s congress. No one exactly knows what the bill hopes to accomplish. But, one of the lawmakers has been hyping Bitcoin as a possible legal tender in the country. So, fingers crossed. 

NFT’s Drip is Eternal ?

Everyone keeps jumping on the NFT train. Last week, it was none other than Dolce & Gabbana ?. The fashion house launched an exclusive NFT collection, which will feature at a fashion show in Venice next month. D&G has now joined names like Gucci and the Paris Fashion Week to launch NFT drops ?. Who’s the next big name to get on the train? ?


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