News Roundup: Football Season, Crypto Season

August is here, and it’s kicking with some real excitement ?. The first week of the month was pretty good for the market, although we saw a few scares here and there. 

If you’re still worried about the market’s moves, remember that you can always buy USDT on Quidax and save your money from inflation ?‍♂️. Now, let’s check out the biggest gists from the market last week: 

The Perfect Kickoff ⚽

Football fans, arise! The Premier League is back ?, and we’re all getting ready to root for our favorite teams again. But, one small team just made a huge crypto move.

Last week, Oxford City Football Club – a team in England’s sixth division – became the first to accept Bitcoin for matchday tickets ?. Now, the club’s fans would be able to pay for their tickets using BTC – easy and quick. We’re pretty sure some more Premier League teams might want to try this soon ?.  

Coming To The Gram Soon ?

Meta is getting more serious about NFTs, and no one is slowing them down ?. Last week, they announced that they would launch NFTs for Instagram in over 100 countries. 

Instagram NFTs will soon be available in several countries across Africa, Asia, and the Americas ?. Get ready, people! We’re almost there. 

Find Love In The Metaverse ❤️

Tinder, the popular online dating app, has been working to enter the metaverse recently ?. Last week, though, they announced that they would put a pause on that for a while. 

Because they’ve not been able to make as much money as expected, Tinder wants to save funds for now. So, additional investments in the “Tinderverse” will need to wait for a bit ?. But, not to worry; very soon, you’ll be able to find love in another dimension. 

Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang ?

We all love some Gucci outfits. Now, the popular fashion house is stepping up its crypto adoption game by allowing customers to pay for products using ApeCoin! ?

Gucci already accepts crypto payments with coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Now that APE is joining the list, it looks like Gucci is taking its crypto adoption up another notch ?. And we’re all here for it.


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