News Roundup: Feeling the New Year Blues

Officially, we all got back to work last week. Don’t worry if you’ve had issues adjusting – everyone wishes we could get back to the holiday break again ?. 

Speaking of adjusting, last week wasn’t so great for the market ?. It was dips upon dips for all the biggest coins. But, we still got some exciting news to report. Check it out:

AirbnBTC ?

This week, Airbnb’s CEO Brian Chesky tweeted a poll asking users what they’d like to see on the platform this year. The top suggestion? Crypto payments! ⚡

Chesky eventually said that they’ve begun working on several of the suggestions. So, you know what that means; soon, you’ll be able to send crypto to your landlord when renting an apartment ?.   

Coming in Hot ?

China’s digital yuan is inching closer to a launch. And, the Peoples’ Bank of China is giving everyone a teaser into what it will look like ?. 

Last week, the Peoples’ Bank released a pilot version of the digital yuan wallet to all citizens. Also, WeChat Pay – a top payment service in the country – will soon start accepting digital yuan payments. Something’s cooking over in China, guys! ?‍?

A Shady Ape ?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are still hot items, people. Want proof? Well, Eminem just copped one last week ?. 

“Slim Shady” dropped $460,000 on a Bored Ape, named “EminApe.” Know what’s even interesting? We also copped a Bored Ape last week! ? 

A Jolly Bit Fellow! ?

Monday marked the 13th anniversary of Bitcoin’s Genesis block – the first-ever block of Bitcoin transactions to be mined. So, in a way, it was Bitcoin’s birthday. 

We know we celebrated Bitcoin’s 13th anniversary last year. But, this is a pretty important milestone as well. So, like the Queen, it looks like Bitcoin has two birthdays. A big flex indeed.  

Coming to a Screen Near You ? 

If you’re an NFT lover, well Samsung has something for you! Last week, the company announced that it will add an NFT marketplace to its lineup of smart TVs. 

Yeah, you saw that right. If you get any of Samsung’s new smart TVs, you’ll be able to browse through an NFT marketplace app and buy NFTs straight from your TV. Who needs computers, right?


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