News Roundup: Every DOGE Has its Day

Boy, September just blew past us. The month is winding down, and we’re all taking stock of it. But, as usual, the crypto market always leaves some big surprises for the end of the month ?. 

Last week, Dogecoin was the big star of the crypto market. Want to know what’s up with our favorite pet? Well, check out the news roundup below: 

That’s a Good DOGE ? 

Dogecoin has had quite a year. Even though its price is still shaky, its popularity has shot up to the moon! Last week alone, the CEO of AMC Entertainment said that they could add DOGE as a payment option for movie tickets this year. A real estate company also announced that they will accept DOGE payments for some of their properties ?. Looks like DOGE is moving from a meme coin to a legitimate currency. Elon Musk would be proud. 

Making Bitcoin Smarter ?‍♂️

Ethereum has had the most popular blockchain so far because of one thing – smart contracts. Now, a new company is trying to bring these smart contracts to Bitcoin. Last week, Dfinity Foundation – a blockchain company – said they want to launch smart contracts on Bitcoin so the blockchain can be more useful ?. Cardano did it earlier this month, and it’s now Bitcoin’s turn. Who could be next? 

The “Flippening” Is Coming ?

You guys remember when rumors started that Ethereum could eventually overtake Bitcoin? Well, it’s starting to look serious. Last week, experts said that big investors are now dumping Bitcoin investment products and moving to Ethereum ?. So, while Bitcoin is still on top right now, Ethereum is looking more attractive. Brace yourselves, people. A big upset might be on the way.

A “Tip” of the Iceberg ?

For a month, we’ve been seeing rumors that Twitter could add cryptocurrencies to its “Tip Jar” feature. Last week, the rumors were confirmed. Twitter launched crypto support on its iPhone app, and Android support is coming in a few weeks. Now, Twitter users can link their bios to their crypto accounts on apps like Cash App and PayPal, and get paid ?. 

Box Office Crypto ?

Netflix recently announced a new movie, titled “Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King.” The movie will focus on Gerald Cotten, the CEO of Quadriga – a Canadian crypto exchange. After his death in 2018, there was a lot of drama left behind. So grab your popcorn and gear up for this wild thriller ?.


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