News Roundup: Empire State of Mind

Eric Adams, New York City’s incoming mayor, has made it clear that he loves crypto. So much so that the city launched its own cryptocurrency. We’re checking that in the “wins” category ?. 

Also, we’ve got even more news from Big Tech and crypto from last week. Find out all of the  cool gist below: 

One Tweet, One Bit ? 

We all know Jack from Twitter loves crypto. After Twitter added crypto support to its “Tip Jar” feature a few weeks back, the company is diving even deeper into crypto. Last week, Twitter formed Twitter Crypto – a new team to focus on crypto and blockchain ?. Twitter Crypto is expected to build Bluesky – Twitter’s decentralized social media platform. Work hasn’t started yet, but we’re pretty excited to see how this one will turn out.  

Big Moves for the Big Apple ?

Earlier this month, we told you guys that New York City’s new mayor Eric Adams plans to accept his first three paychecks in crypto. Well, last week, the city took another bold step towards crypto adoption by launching NYCCoin – its own cryptocurrency ?. NYCCoin can be used to support different projects, and mining for the coin is expected to start this month. Move over, Miami. New York City is America’s new crypto darling. 

What’s “Cooking?” ?

Tech companies are scooping up crypto more and more. And what company is “techier” than Apple? Last week, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook told a reporter that he personally owns some crypto. Cook said he’s been investing in crypto for a while, and he thinks it is very interesting. As for whether Apple would invest in crypto a la Tesla, Cook said there are no plans for that yet. Don’t worry, Tim; we’re patient over here ?.  

Where’s The Moon? ?

In market news, Bitcoin is doing pretty well. It’s not been the biggest start to November so far, but Bitcoin has been able to hit some impressive milestones already. Thanks to its performance last week, Bitcoin now has a market cap of $1.2 trillion – more than that of Facebook and Tesla ?. Data shows that Bitcoin is now the sixth most valuable asset in the world – behind Microsoft, Apple, Saudi Aramco, Alphabet, and Amazon.  

Ready Player One ?

We all love games. Remember firing up your PlayStation as a kid? Those were the good times ?. Well, a new study from Stratis and Opinion shows that up to 58% of all game developers are exploring blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as part of their processes in the next 12 months. Soon, we’ll be gathering to challenge each other on a blockchain-based game. The future is bright, people!


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