News Roundup: Elon Fever

Elon Musk was the biggest story in the cryptoverse yet again. Sadly, it was for all the wrong reasons ?. But before we start crying, let’s dive into some of last week’s gist ?. Enjoy! 

Tesla x Bitcoin: A Messy Breakup

Last week was awesome for Bitcoin before Elon Musk looked outside his window and said “you know what? It’s time to switch things up a little bit ?”. So he did what any billionaire with infinite control over internet culture would do: he tweeted. Sadly, the tweet was about how Tesla won’t accept Bitcoin payments because of energy concerns. So be patient with your Bitcoin this week. Its heart is broken?

CBDC Fever Hits the U.K

You know how China tends to lead other countries when it comes to tech? Well, it has  managed to do that with crypto too. After China’s progress with a central bank digital currency, England seems ready to jump on the bandwagon too. This week, a Bank of England executive said that they could issue a CBDC as well. 

Take a minute to imagine Queen Elizabeth spending a cryptocurrency. Blown! ??

Bitcoin is Going to Hollywood… We Think?

We all love movies, don’t we? Well, some Bitcoin fans have started a campaign to create a documentary about Bitcoin’s benefit to the environment. The campaign began shortly after Elon Musk posted his tweet about Bitcoin energy concerns, and the documentary already even has a director.  

Bitcoin already topped the financial markets. Up next? The Box Office. ??

Hey Singapore! Welcome to the Party

Just when we thought that Singapore couldn’t be more crypto-friendly, the country says “Hold my beer!

Last week, DBS Private Bank, Singapore’s largest bank, established a crypto trust to allow its clients to invest and manage their cryptocurrencies. The trust currently accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Bitcoin Cash. This is big news for crypto adoption – *cough, cough* We’re looking at you, African banks ?? 

DeFi Tops the Class

DeFi mania has caught on, and it isn’t letting off. If you need convincing, check out last week – while the crypto market was on a losing streak, DeFi tokens stood tall. Not even the Tesla news could rain on DeFi’s parade. 

Speaking of DeFi, we’re set to become the home of BEP20 tokens ?. This means that we’ll be listing all the best tokens that run on the Binance smart chain. Read more on our plans here.


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