News Roundup: Deal Or No Deal?

The past week was a really fun one. Coin prices might not have done so well, but there was quite a lot of excitement – especially if you’re on the streets of Twitter. There’s also some big adoption news from South Africa. 

Kick back and let’s dive into everything that happened in the cryptoverse last week.  

Elon Pulls The Plug?

Just two weeks ago, we reported that Twitter’s board had approved a $44 billion sale of the company to Elon Musk. Well last week, the Dogefather officially said, “No, thanks.” ? 

Elon wants to cancel his Twitter purchase because he says the platform has way more bot accounts than he thought ?. Twitter has now said that they would sue Elon to either force him to buy Twitter or pay a huge fine ?. Looks like we’re in for some interesting times.  

Dogecoin Gets Boring ?

While Elon Musk is rocking these Twitter streets, the Dogefather remains committed to helping Dogecoin become more popular ?. 

Last week, The Boring Company – a tunnel construction company that Elon owns – began accepting Dogecoin for payments at one of its locations in Las Vegas ?. Remember that Tesla already uses DOGE for merch payments. Elon isn’t backing down on his love for DOGE. 

Going Down In The South ??

On Wednesday, South Africa’s Reserve Bank confirmed that it would release new laws regulating its crypto sector within the next year ?. 

South Africa is one of Africa’s biggest crypto markets. The Reserve Bank now wants to regulate crypto as a financial asset, and they hope to reduce issues like money laundering ?. Let’s wait and see what their crypto rules will look like. 

These Games Won’t Stop! ?

GameStop has been teasing a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for a while now. Last week, the marketplace finally launched! ?

GameStop’s NFT marketplace wants to allow the company’s fans to buy and sell NFTs easily, and the company is also making some big claims about it ?. There’s room on this NFT train for everybody!

Poly-Gone To Disneyland ?

Disney, the entertainment giant that makes pretty much all the awesome superhero movies, is now the latest company to jump on the blockchain bandwagon ?. Last week, Disney chose several companies to help it build NFT and AI experience. We still don’t know what they’re cooking, but they’ve chosen Polygon as one of their partners. Thinking about why MATIC’s price has been rising? Well, you have Disney to thank for that! ?


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