News Roundup: Crypto Winter is Coming!

It’s crypto season and the Bitcoin charts are looking real icy ? . BTC has already passed ₦9 million and is still going up?. More celebrities and millionaires are also investing in Bitcoin. For example, Logic the rapper just bought $6 million worth of Bitcoin. 

There’s also an increase in BTC wallet addresses, mining fees, and predictions. Without wasting time, here’s the juice on what’s been happening. Enjoy!

Arya Stark x Bitcoin: The Next TV Series We Need

Since the final season of Game of Thrones gave the world collective PTSD, we’ve moved on ?. But guess what? Maisie Williams who played Arya Stark in the series might be considering buying Bitcoin. In a recent twitter poll asking if she should buy Bitcoin, about 40% of the 900,000+ voters said yes. We love to see it.

25,000 New BTC Addresses Per Hour ?

As expected, Bitcoin’s price increase is making more people buy Bitcoin. Glassnode data says that 25,000 new Bitcoin addresses were created every hour on the 18th of November. As in every single hour! After many people missed out on Bitcoin in 2017, nobody wants to wait around this time. No more ‘had I known ?’

The Bitcoin Millionaires Club ?

A new survey has shown that 73% of dollar millionaires plan to own crypto before 2022. No surprise there! Who wouldn’t want to buy Bitcoin with this type of price movement? The best part is that the millionaires were spread across the US, UK, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Latin America. What’s really interesting is that more people are seeing Bitcoin as a legit means of investment, not just trade. 

Million Dollar Prediction

You know we love predictions. And this one has us curling our toes. 

Alex Saunders, CEO of Nugget’s News believes that (BTC) can hit $100,000 in five years and $1 million by 2035. We don’t know how likely this is. But if it happens, then trust that we’ll be there at the finish line ?.

Miners Hit the Goldmine… Again

Remember back in 2017 when everyone was buying Bitcoin so much that mining fees went up? It’s happening again ?. Miners are cleaning out since everyone has started buying Bitcoin again.  According to on-chain metrics, miners are now collectively earning over $20 million per day. God When?


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