News Roundup: Crypto Is For Women

Last week was a pretty big one. We celebrated International Women’s Day and paid homage to all the amazing women everywhere. You all rock! ??

At the Quidax HQ, we also got in on the #IWD2022 fun. We heard some inspiring stories from women in crypto, and you can read all about it here ?. Now, let’s see what popped in the market last week.  

The Future of Work ?

Remember when everyone said that we’d all work from home forever? Well, it looks like that trend won’t last so long ?. Already, we’ve started seeing some big companies launching their offices in the metaverse. 

JPMorgan, KuCoin, and more are just a few big names opening offices in the metaverse. So, don’t be surprised when your company asks you to resume in the virtual world ?. Just a heads up!

Are People Moving On? ?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse were pretty much the biggest trends everywhere in 2021. But, things might have started slowing down ?. Google Trends data for “NFT” and “metaverse” shows that searches for them are dropping. 

To be fair, there’s been a lot going on this year ?‍?. From the war in Ukraine to the Omicron variant, we get why people might be more concerned about those.  

Crypto Welcome Here ?

Last week, we saw big adoption news from the United States. In Virginia, the Senate voted to allow banks in the state to provide crypto services ?. 

This is a pretty big deal. Now, banks in the state of Virginia will be able to keep cryptocurrencies and provide crypto services to their customers ?- as long as they follow some rules. It’s a win-win!

Digital Dollar Is A Go! ?

After the Virginia news, the crypto industry was pretty hyped. Then, the big news came on Wednesday when President Biden signed an executive order asking the government to study a possible Digital Dollar. 

The Digital Dollar will be the United States’ central bank digital currency (CBDC) – kind of like Nigeria’s eNaira. The executive order was a big win for the market, and coin prices rose quickly after the President signed it. We move! 

Skinny Jeans & NFTs?

So if you were concerned that NFTs were going out of style, don’t worry; they’re not ?. Case and point – another huge brand just jumped on the NFT bandwagon. Last week, Diesel – the popular denim jeans brand – launched an NFT drop on Rarible. Diesel is now the latest fashion brand to have an NFT drop, joining others like Gap and Gucci ?. Talk about a fashion statement.


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