News Roundup: Christ Rose. Let’s Hope The Market Does!

We got our first holiday in forever last weekend thanks to Easter ?. Everyone kicked back and enjoyed some time with their loved ones, and the market decided to do some kicking back as well. 

You’re probably still enjoying the holidays right now, so no pressure ??‍♂️. Just get a cup of coffee, kick back, and check out what happened in the market last week. 

Elon Wants To Own it All ?

Elon Musk made a big splash two weeks ago when he bought a 10% stake in Twitter – crypto’s favorite social media platform. Now, he wants to own the entire thing! ?

Last week, Elon sent a letter to Twitter’s board, proposing that he buys the entire company for over $40 billion ?. Elon has threatened to dump his stock if they don’t accept his offer, and a lot of people think that Elon’s the right man to give Twitter its swag back. What do you think? 

Kim’s Up To No Good ?

Remember the Axie Infinity hack that happened a few weeks back? Well, it looks like we’re finally getting to know who was behind it ?. 

Last week, the U.S. Treasury Department updated a list showing that the Lazarus Group – a hacking group with links to the North Korean government – might have been behind the hack. We’re still following the development, but it looks like Kim Jong-Un is up to no good again ?. 

Bitcoin’s Green Journey ♻️

For about a year now, everyone’s been talking about making bitcoin more eco-friendly ?. Even Ripple’s boss got in on the action recently, even though he earned some criticism. 

Well last week, Tesla joined the party. They announced that they would partner with Block (formerly Square) to build a solar-powered mining facility ??. This facility won’t solve all of Bitcoin’s environmental problems, but hey; baby steps, right? 

NFTs Coming To Amazon? ?

So pretty much every Big Tech platform has already embraced non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in one way or the other. Now, it looks like Amazon could be next in line ?. 

Amazon already sells pretty much everything. Last week, the company’s CEO Andy Jassy said that they might be looking at supporting NFT sales on the platform soon ?. Imagine an Amazon NFT marketplace. Pheew; look out, OpenSea!

A Ripple In Time ⚖️

So we thought we’d check on the people at Ripple Labs and how they’re doing with their case with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). And, it looks like they’re not doing so badly ??.  Last week, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse spoke at the Paris Blockchain Week, and he said that they’re doing much better with the SEC case than he had hoped. Everyone’s still in court and delivering one filing after the other, so this might take a while. You go, Ripple! ?


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