News Roundup: Can You See the Light?

All through last week, everyone kept talking about buying the dip ?. Well, the market is starting to look up again, so you might be kicking yourself if you didn’t ?. 

Regardless, we’ve got big news from every angle of the industry ?️. The market might have acted funny, but crypto still means business. 

Never Too Late to Start ?

Last week, the Huobi Group published a survey report, showing that about 70% of Americans who hold crypto actually began investing in 2021 ?. The report added that 21% of investors only started buying Bitcoin two years ago. 

Every time we think that crypto has become global, we get a reminder that it could get even better. It’s just early days, people! ?

Keeping Things Stable ⚡

To kick off 2021, PayPal started accepting and processing payments in crypto ?. This year, the company is doubling down on crypto and launching its own coin.

Last week, a PayPal executive confirmed that they are exploring the launch of a stablecoin. PayPal Coin, as it’s been called, will be backed by the U.S. dollar. It’s not launched yet, so let’s see what they’re cooking over there ?‍?.  

Big Binance Billions ?

Last week was a big one for crypto money, people. Bloomberg reported that Changpeng “CZ”  Zhao, the CEO of Binance, is now the world’s 11th richest person ?. 

CZ’s net worth of $96 billion makes him the richest person in Asia. We already knew he was a billionaire, but this is the first time that we’d get an actual estimate of his net worth. Day by day, more crypto billionaires are hopping on the Forbes list ?.  

NFTs for the Culture ? 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a big hit for musicians. Don’t believe us? Just ask Grammy-winning rapper Nas. 

Nas is set to release NFTs that will allow fans to own a stake in two of his biggest songs – “Rare” and “Ultra Black.” Even better, users who buy and hold the NFTs will get a percentage of streaming income from the songs ?. 

Tesla DOGEs Cash ?

Weeks ago, Elon Musk hopped on Twitter to announce that Tesla will sell merch and accept Dogecoin for payments. Last week, the Dogefather kept his word. Now, you can head over to Tesla’s official store, shop for products, and send DOGE to Tesla’s official wallet. But, there’s a catch; DOGE purchases can not be refunded, according to their website. So, make sure you double-check your purchase before hitting that “buy” button!


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