News Roundup: Brazil’s Amazing Blockchain Covid-19 Response + More From the 4th Week of September 2020

Last week went by so fast! ? In fact, this whole month just flew by. September which way now? The last week of September saw Brazil making MAJOR blockchain moves to fight Covid-19. A survey also showed just how many people actually use cryptocurrencies and the figure is tickling us ?. DeFi lovers who also use Twitter, there’s gist for you. Also, Americans don’t want a central digital currency?? And Jack Dorsey is in the news again. Enjoy your weekly news bites!

Brazil Will Use Blockchain to Track its Covid-19 Vaccines

On the list of countries doing notable things with Blockchain, we have Brazil. As one of the hardest hit countries by covid-19, Brazil is doing what it can to make things better. To this effect, it will monitor its covid-19 vaccines using blockchain technology. 

The system is called the National Health Data Network, or RNDS. It will keep tabs on  people who have received a COVID-19 vaccination, according to Elmo Raposo Oliveira (Brazil Ministry of Health’s coordinator of systems development).  

100 Million People Now Use Crypto Globally

Operation crypto is growing globally as more people find new interesting uses for it ??. According to a new survey by Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, 100 million people hold Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is wild considering that there were 35 million cryptocurrency users in 2018. The study also showed that there are 191 million accounts opened on cryptocurrency exchange worldwide. The best part? This figure just keeps growing at a fast rate.

DeFi Lovers! You Can Now Trade Uniswap on Twitter

We know how much you’re following the DeFi craze! It’s nonstop talk about YFI and Uniswap in all your circles. Maybe you even have some tokens already ?. Anyway, remember last week when Uniswap released its token and everyone went crazy? Yeah that was exciting but many people didn’t know how to buy some. Well, now you can trade directly from Twitter using a new widget from Mask and Uniswap. 

Twitter Founder Believes That Bitcoin Holds the Key to Security 

Jack Dorsey has supported Bitcoin for a long time. Even when giant networks of bots were spreading Bitcoin scams, his confidence in Bitcoin didn’t shake. Now, the Twitter founder has shared his belief that Bitcoin is the key to real advancements in security. Hopefully, we should see some Bitcoin-related advancements on Twitter and Square soon. Fingers crossed. 

Most Americans Don’t Want a Central Bank Digital Currency

We thought we all wanted the same things ?. Turns out most Americans don’t want a central bank digital currency (CBDC). According to a study conducted by Genesis mining on 400 Americans, only 25% were in support. This number is up from 13% in 2018. With a weakening dollar and other countries turning towards CBDCs, the tides may turn sooner than you think. We’ll be watching ?


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