News Roundup: Bitcoin Smashes $14,000 as the World Celebrates its Dirty Dozen ?

The big daddy of cryptocurrencies just turned 12 and you know we love birthdays over here ?. Bitcoin’s 12th year has brought renewed hope in its future as a solid internet currency. The part that’s bursting our heads is how BTC hit $14,000. We know you saw this coming so come and put your talent to use. Predict the price of Bitcoin and win amazing prizes in our contest. In the spirit of new achievements, here’s how the week went:

Bitcoin is 12: Many are Old But Few are Dozen

Bitcoin’s legendary whitepaper was released 12 years ago on October 31st, 2008. Since then, we’ve seen many milestones, predictions, scandals, and new cryptocurrencies. They said Bitcoin wouldn’t last but it’s still here, 12 years strong. We looked back at some exciting events that have happened since Bitcoin was created. You can also check out some of the wildest Bitcoin price predictions people have made so far. 

On the 12th Year of Bitcoin, My True Love Sent to Me… $14,000 Literally

Talk about doing it big on its anniversary. Not up to 2 weeks ago, we celebrated Bitcoin hitting $13,000. Now it’s on $14,000. The way things are going, hmm… ?. Looking back to the panic in March when BTC fell to $3,700 we can definitely say that Bitcoin has come a long way this year. But what will Bitcoin look like in December? Join our Predict and Win competition and let us know. 

An Absolutely Bitiful Halloween ?

How cool is this? Imagine randomly knocking on doors on halloween and now you have some Bitcoin! A Canadian man named Brad Mills gave some Bitcoin to children who were trick or treating on Halloween night. He dropped two gift cards worth $100 each in Bitcoin and recorded their reactions. Surprisingly, both children were excited to receive BTC. Others in their group didn’t know what it was. 

2020 and the Blockchain Hack Backtrack 

On the Flip side of 2020, blockchain hacks have reduced. According to a report by Atlas VPN, there were 3 times less blockchain hacks in the first half of 2020 than in 2019. In 2019, there were already 94 hacks in the first 6 months. But 2020 only saw 31 hacks in the same timeframe. This is amazing news for every crypto user. A safer ecosystem makes it easier for coins that provide value to thrive. Hopefully, this number can reduce further in 2021. Crypto gods, you know what to do. 

Australia Hops into Crypto Adoption with its New IPO ?

Australia’s latest traditional IPO is accepting USDT payments. West Coast Aquaculture Group, or WCA, is carrying out Australia’s first initial public offering that accepts crypto payments. Investors can buy stock with either Tether (USDT) or Australian dollars. This marriage of crypto and traditional stock shows that cryptocurrencies don’t have to be standalone assets. They can be used to make normal investment methods safer and easier. 


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