News Roundup: Big Week, Big Mac

We’re finally ending January, and we hope to say goodbye to all the twists and turns of the market. With Valentine’s season coming ?, here’s hoping the market shows us some love. 

But, before we finally close the chapter on January, let’s check out some interesting events that happened last week: 

M DOGE-in’ It! ?

Ever since Tesla started accepting Dogecoin for merch payments, Elon Musk has been trying to find other companies to join them ?. Last week, the Dogefather asked McDonald’s to try Dogecoin, and even promised to eat a Happy Meal on live TV if they do. 

Well, McDonald’s responded with a counter-offer; they’ll accept DOGE if Tesla accepts Grimacecoin – a fake coin with their mascot, Grimace, on it. Looks like they’re not down with the DOGE yet ?. 

NFTs for Memes ?

You know how social media platforms are suddenly falling in love with non-fungible tokens (NFTs)? Well, Reddit doesn’t want to get left behind ?. 

Last week, a Reddit spokesperson said that they are testing out a feature that allows users to set their profile pictures as NFTs ?. Twitter already rolled out something similar, so it looks like the race is on! 

The Adams Effect ?

When New York City Mayor Eric Adams took his first paycheck in Bitcoin last week, we asked who would be next. Well, it didn’t take long for another politician to join the bandwagon ?. 

Christophe De Beukelaer, a Belgian lawmaker, has become the first European politician to take his salary in Bitcoin ?. We’re not sure how many salaries he plans to collect, but this is a pretty big deal. 

Sunset on Diem? ?

Meta (formerly Facebook) has had big plans for a possible stablecoin for years now. But, despite announcing Diem back in 2019, it has had issues getting support for it ?. 

Now, a new report claims that Meta might be willing to close the Diem project for good. It’ll be pretty sad to see Diem end before it even starts, but hey; at least we’ve got the metaverse, right? ? 

The GOAT On the Block ?

Last week, LeBron James and Crypto.com partnered to educate children about blockchain and Web3 ?. The partnership will focus on kids in LeBron’s hometown of Akron, Ohio, teaching them blockchain skills that they could use in the future. 

Crypto.com owns the rights to the Crypto.com Arena – where LeBron and the Lakers play their home games ?. This is probably the biggest athlete partnership in the crypto space yet.


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