News Roundup: Back To The Money!

It’s already a week since Valentine’s Day, but we can still see you guys showing off your partners on social media ?. This love overdose is what we love to see! (see what we did there? ?)

Besides the social media talk, let’s check out who sowed love last week in the market.

JPMetaverse ?

If you still think the metaverse is just a joke, then you better buckle up. A couple got married there two weeks ago, and JPMorgan has now become the first bank to step into this dimension ?. 

Last week, JPMorgan officially launched an office in Decentraland. The office space is really cool – you get to see a portrait of their CEO in the entrance hall, and there’s also a roaming tiger just chilling by the lounge. No, we’re not kidding – it’s an actual tiger! ?

Touchdown Bitcoin! ?

The Super Bowl happened last Sunday, and what a night it was. The Los Angeles Rams finally won their first Super Bowl in over 20 years ?, and Drake’s Bitcoin bet on them paid off. 

Know who else won on Super Bowl night? Crypto! ? There were crypto ads all through the night, with companies like FTX and Crypto.com spending big on ad slots. Who do you think had the best ads? 

What’s Uncle Joe Up To? ?

Ever since President Biden took office, crypto fans have been waiting for some form of regulation from the U.S. government. Well, looks like we could finally get our wish ?. 

Reports claimed that the President could sign an executive order about crypto as early as this week ?. We don’t know what the order could be about, but we’re definitely keeping tabs on this one and will give you the gist when it drops. 

Is ETH In Trouble? ?‍♂️

For up to a year now, there have been several “Ethereum killers” – basically, blockchains trying to steal Ethereum’s thunder and become #1 among crypto builders ?. Last week, Morgan Stanley – another big American bank – said that Ethereum’s rivals could be catching up to it. 

We all know how annoying those fees on the Ethereum network can be. As Morgan Stanley said, if these fees don’t go down soon, then many developers could leave Ethereum for good ?. That’ll be pretty scary, won’t it? 

Down With The Block? ?

Warren Buffett might like to criticize crypto a lot, but his money sure is saying something different. Last week, the Oracle of Omaha invested $1 billion in Nubank – a crypto-friendly bank that’s pretty popular in South America ?. 

Nubank is the latest crypto-loving company in Buffett’s portfolio. So, while the legendary investor doesn’t like crypto, many of his portfolio companies sure do ?.


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