News Roundup: Baby Steps

There’s a lot to talk about this week! Most importantly, QUIDAX IS 3! ??

Anyway, you know we won’t leave without the best market gist from the past week ?. So, what’s popping? 

Amazon Says, “Sike”! ?

Two weeks ago, we reported that Amazon was hiring a digital currency lead ?. When the news came out, some guessed that the company would add Bitcoin payment options for shoppers. Everyone was excited. Boy, were we wrong ?

Last week, an Amazon spokesperson confirmed that they will not allow Bitcoin payments. Bummer ?. Well, at least they’re still doing some work on a digital currency. That’s pretty cool, right? ? 

Blockchain Goes to School ?

Everyone wants to use blockchain these days – even schools ?! Last week, the government of Maharashtra – a state in India – confirmed that it would offer diploma certificates using the Ethereum blockchain. The goal of this move is to prevent forgery. Thanks to blockchain, it will now be easier to prove that diplomas are authentic ✅. 

Full Speed Ahead ?

MicroStrategy started buying large amounts of Bitcoin in July 2020. Today, the company has 105,085 BTC, worth over $2 billion! ? You’d think they’d hit pause, but no ?‍♂️. The company confirmed last week that it would continue buying Bitcoin this year, even after prices dropped. 

We all talk about buying the dip – MicroStrategy walks the walk too! ?

Share a Coke Today ?

Two weeks ago, Dolce & Gabbana launched an NFT collection. Last week, it was Coca-Cola’s turn to jump on the bandwagon ?. The company is running an auction on NFT marketplace OpenSea. The auction is for some of its NFTs, and you can get in ?.
The NFTs contain “hidden surprises” for people who buy them, and Coke has said that all proceeds will go to the Special Olympics – a sports charity.

Who said crypto can’t do good? ?

ATMs Go Boom ?

Crypto ATMs make it faster to spend and get cryptocurrencies⚡. They’re basically the traditional ATMs, but for crypto. While they’ve been around for years, they’ve grown incredibly in 2021 ?. The latest data shows that over 10,000 crypto ATMs have been installed worldwide in 2021 – a 71% increase from January alone ?. Soon, spending crypto will be as easy as cash. What a time to be alive ?


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