News Roundup: Anybody Want to Buy a Tesla?

Last week was full of fun stories and updates that highlight all the new crypto tech we’ve been seeing. From NFTs to Tesla’s Bitcoin adoption. With a dose of fun coupled with a dose of things to think deeply about, here’s what happened last week. Enjoy!

Anybody Want to Buy a Tesla?

Elon Musk recently announced that people will be able to buy a Tesla with Bitcoin. So if you’re a long-term ‘hodler’ who doesn’t want to convert any BTC to fiat, a Tesla is just one more thing you can buy. Years ago, it was hell finding merchants willing to transact with Bitcoin. The way things are going, you’ll soon be able to walk into the nearest store and buy anything with crypto!

A Bloomberg Prediction

If BTC could hit $60,000, then maybe $400,000 isn’t such a reach. Bloomberg certainly doesn’t think so. In fact, according to Bloomb erg analysts, companies and high net worth investors are choosing Bitcoin as a way to protect themselves from inflation. This will lead to far for investment than ever before, possibly pushing its price over $400,000. 


The New York Times has hopped on the NFT train in a unique way. While NFTs are popular as a way to sell art and other types of digital creatives, the New York Times has taken a different approach. Kevin Roose, one of its columnists auctioned an article titled “Buy This Column on the Blockchain!” for over $550,000. According to Roose, the money will go to charity.

Is Buying the Dip Really that Deep?

What would you do if your partner leaves you for buying Bitcoin? That’s a question a Reddit user has to answer after his wife left him recently. Apparently, the issue started when he refused to sell BTC at $60,000 and bought more BTC instead. The post has gained thousands of shares with people giving advice and sharing their opinions.  


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