News Roundup: Adopt x 10,000

We’re now deep into September, and we’re pretty psyched about how the market is performing ?. Also, there has been a lot of adoption news in the market this week – stuff we like to hear! ?

Let’s check out the biggest news from the past week below: 

The El Salvador Experiment is Live ?

El Salvador shocked the world earlier this year when the country voted to make Bitcoin an acceptable currency. On Tuesday, that law came into effect ?. The government also bought 200 BTC to make things easier. That’s partly why Bitcoin rose to $52,000. McDonald’s is the first company we know to accept Bitcoin in El Salvador. So, if you’re in El Salvador and would like a Big Mac ?, try BTC.  

Coming to America? ?

Now that El Salvador has accepted Bitcoin, we’re all wondering who will be next. Well, quite a lot of Americans would like for their country to do the same. A recent poll showed that 27% of Americans won’t mind having Bitcoin as an acceptable currency ?. More millennials are in support of this change, and they believe it will eventually happen. Fingers crossed, people.  

Don’t Forget to Tip ?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is one of Silicon Valley’s biggest crypto fans. Well, he’s about to put his money where his mouth is again. This week, we heard rumors that Twitter might add crypto to its Tip Jar feature ?. Tip Jar allows people to add links to their Twitter bios and get paid. It currently supports Cash App, PayPal, and more. Now, it seems that Bitcoin might be coming soon.

Curry for 3! ?

Now that more athletes are signing crypto deals and joining the industry, Steph seems ready to do the same. On Tuesday, Steph took to Twitter to ask for advice as he’s just getting into crypto. He also owns 16 NFTs, according to his OpenSea profile ?. Looks like Mr. Curry is ready to score points away from the court too! 

Banking on ETH ?

For the past few months, people have been questioning whether Ethereum can eventually overtake Bitcoin as the most valuable cryptocurrency. This week, Standard Chartered – a popular British bank – said YES.?. A report from the bank stated that Ethereum has more uses than Bitcoin and that it could eventually become more valuable too. Just imagine that happening!


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