News Roundup: A Pretty Wild Ride

For crypto fans, the past week was a pretty wild one. While many got ready to celebrate Eid, Bitcoin slipped below $30,000 ?. But, the drop didn’t last, and coins are looking green again. Pheew ?  

What else happened during the week? Let’s check it out:

We See You, Amazon ?

Amazon – the internet giant that sells everything – wants to launch a digital currency! ? The company is looking to hire a “digital currency and blockchain product lead” to help develop a crypto launch strategy and oversee the entire project. We all knew it would come one day – well, that day is closer than you think ?.

Side Note: Think you got what it takes?  You might want to try your luck. You’re welcome ?

It’s Bitcoin or Nothing ?

We all know Jack Dorsey is a huge Bitcoin fan ❤️. At an earnings call last week, Jack said that Twitter will bring Bitcoin into several of its services soon ?. Moving forward, Twitter will look into things like allowing people to pay for ads and subscriptions in Bitcoin. Jack’s money is definitely where his mouth is, and we can’t wait to see what Twitter has in store ?.  

No Time to Waste ?

South Korea is trying to guard its crypto industry. But, that means that some companies are about to get kicked out ?. On Thursday, the government announced that all crypto exchanges operating in the country will need to register before September 24. If they don’t, they’ll be pushed out and might face jail term ?.  So, the race is officially on. You snooze, you lose ?.

Naija to the World!? 

Independence Day will be even more special for crypto-loving Nigerians! ? Reports confirmed last week that the Central Bank will launch a pilot for Nigeria’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) on October 1st ??. The CBDC project – called “GIANT” – has been running since 2017. So, we finally get to see what they’ve been working on. Here’s to hoping it’s kickass ?

Get Your Mining Hats ⛑️

Remember when China basically told crypto miners to pack up and leave? Well, it might have been for the best ?. Data shows that the difficulty in mining Bitcoin has dropped for the fourth straight week. In fact, mining Bitcoin is now almost twice as easy as it was in May ?. Does anybody want to buy a mining rig?? 


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