News Roundup: A Jolly Bit Fellow

We kicked off November in the most special way, celebrating Bitcoin’s anniversary ?. If you’re looking for us, we’re still munching on the birthday cake. 

Also, it seems two mayors in the United States are starting beef over crypto adoption ?. Check out our news roundup to see what we’ve got for you: 

Hip Hip, Hurray! ?

Last week started with a special milestone. Bitcoin clocked 13! Sunday marked the 13th year that Satoshi Nakamoto published the original Bitcoin whitepaper. Satoshi planned for Bitcoin to become an “electronic cash system,” allowing people to send money. Today, it is a financial revolution and one of the most popular things on the planet. Here’s to many more years ?. 

The Mayor of Bitcoinville ?‍?

Miami Mayor, Francis Suarez has become popular for his pro-Bitcoin views recently. This week, he announced that he would take his next paycheck in Bitcoin. Then, out of the blue, New York’s Mayor-elect, Eric Adams, said “Hold my beer.” Adams announced on Friday that he would also like to jump on the Bitcoin train, so he will take his next three paychecks in Bitcoin ?. Who’s next?  

Crypto Pays for School ?

Ever since Bitcoin became an acceptable currency in El Salvador two months ago, the government has bought quite a lot. Its Bitcoin Trust contains 1,120 BTC, worth about $70 million. Last week, the country’s president said that they would use their Bitcoin surplus to construct 20 schools across the country ?. It’s always nice when Bitcoin is used for a good cause. 

Cracking the Amazon Code ?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is Amazon’s golden goose. It is the company’s most profitable arm, generating over half of its profits every year. So, it’s a pretty big deal. Last week, AWS posted a job opening for a Financial Services specialist who understands crypto and digital assets – as well as blockchain technology ?. This isn’t the first time that Amazon will be linked to crypto, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for now. 

And the Grammy Goes To…..?

All through 2021, different brands have launched non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to celebrate different milestones. The latest brand to hop on the bandwagon is the Recording Academy itself. Last week, the Academy announced a partnership to launch NFT collections for the Grammy Awards next. The partnership is expected to start next year, so we can watch out for NFT drops when the Grammys roll around in January.


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