News Roundup: A Bitcoin Scare and More Awesome Stuff

Another week, another adrenaline rush. We came out of last week asking what happened to Bitcoin? From a host of things including panic selling, people running to DeFi, and a crazy scare! But as things stabilise, we can relax a little and see what else happened in our backyard last week. Enjoy!

Bitcoin Fall-acy

Last week, a Bitcoin scare almost gave us and the rest of the crypto community a heart attack. Double spending, the crypto version of the boogeyman, is something that nobody ever wants to hear about. So when the good folks at BitMEX research announced that it had happened, people got scared and sold Bitcoin. Thankfully, it ended up not being a double spend error and we can all breathe easy.

The Presidential Ripple Effect

It hasn’t been a great year for Ripple so far with all the SEC issues. But a small win is in the works. US president Joe Biden’s presidency is looking to tap former Ripple board advisor Michael.S.Barr as the new Comptroller of the Currency. This means that it will be his job to regulate national banks and federal savings associations. Having someone in this position who knows about the benefits of cryptocurrencies could turn things around. 

A New Dimension for Rick and Morty

If you’ve watched the hit Adult Swim TV show “Rick and Morty,’ then get excited!!!. Are you excited? Good ?. Justin Roiland, the show’s creator just sold a piece of blockchain art based on the show for $150,000. This is what it looks like: 

Apparently, it’s part of a collection titled “the Best I could do”. There are also other pieces in the collection based on “The Simpsons”. 

BlackRock Looks to Crush Crypto this Year

What else is there to say when the world’s largest asset manager is looking at adding Bitcoin to its portfolio? BlackRock is basically the Thanos of investments, choosing different types of assets and conquering them. Hopefully, this adoption could do a lot for the popularity of cryptocurrencies in general. 

Blockchain Sensors Against Covid

Apart from having a name that just rolls off the tongue, the Hedera blockchain by Google and IBM is proving extremely useful in the fight against Covid-19. Two UK hospitals are using the blockchain along with another technology called Evercare to track the temperature of Covid-19 vaccines. The technology notes the temperatures at the time of storage and makes sure that medical personnel can keep track.


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