News Roundup: 6 Down, 6 More

We’re halfway done with 2021. Can you believe it? ? It’s been an eventful year, and the second half is definitely going to be the same. Even the news from this past week shows what’s in store. Check it out: 

So Long, China ?

The Chinese government has made it clear that crypto isn’t welcome – even mining ?. So, it’s time for everyone to pack up and bounce ?. Last week, reports confirmed that power plants that used to host Bitcoin miners in China are now advertising for other people to come in. It was fun while it lasted, China ✌️. At least, we’ll always remember the good times. 

A Jack of One Trade ❤️

We all know that Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey is a big crypto fan ?. But, it looks like he doesn’t love every coin. Last week, a Twitter user predicted that Dorsey would eventually invest in Ethereum. Jack replied, “No.” Ouch ?.  

Hey, at least Ethereum is up 12% in the past week ?. If you’re an investor, that should count as something, right? ? 

Fancy Yourself Some Crypto, Mate? ??

On Thursday, a British policymaker confirmed that the government will look into a central bank digital currency (CBDC). There’s no launch date yet, but the government will research more on how to launch properly ?. Just think about how cool it will be to have a Digital Pound – or will it be an e-Pound? ?The jury’s still out, but we’re definitely excited! ?

Hola, Mi Amigo ?

Banco Azteca is one of Mexico’s biggest banks, and its CEO said that they are working to accept Bitcoin ?. It’s pretty big news since Banco Azteca has branches in five other countries too ?. Remember that another partnership could bring Bitcoin to American banks. One by one, they keep falling ? 

Who’s the Joke Now? ?

Dogecoin has always been seen as a joke cryptocurrency. Well, this doge isn’t playing around anymore ?. Last week, a Dogecoin developer announced that they are working on updates to the Dogecoin blockchain ?. Among other things, the upgrade will make Dogecoin transactions much faster and cheaper⚡. None of those jokes anymore, people. The doge means business! ?


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