News Roundup: 10 Down, 2 To Go

October is here, people! We’re counting down the days till everyone can get together and deck the halls ?. 

But, the crypto market decided to give us a parting gift for September. Check out the biggest highlights from last week below:

Facebook: Into the Metaverse ?

Facebook is already one of the top tech firms in the world. And, they’ve shown interest in crypto too. Now, it’s on to the next for Mark and Co. – creating a metaverse! ? Last week, Facebook announced that it would invest $50 million to develop a virtual metaverse. The funds will support research for two years, and Facebook is also looking for partners. Well, this should be fun. 

From America, With Love ❤️

The U.S. government has been playing “will they or won’t they?” with crypto for a long time. Last week, the Federal Reserve chairman said they don’t plan to ban crypto at all ?. In his statement, the chairman said they want to regulate crypto in the United States – but, banning crypto like China is totally out of the question. At least, we can all heave a sigh of relief – PHEEW! ?‍?

Our Watch Continues ??

We were all anticipating the launch of Nigeria’s eNaira digital currency on October 1. Sadly, we’ll have to wait even longer for it. The Central Bank of Nigeria announced that it had postponed the digital currency for now and that it would communicate a new launch date soon. Talk about raining on our Independence Day plans ?. 

Time to Pay the Taxman ?

Officials in the South Korean government have been debating over imposing its crypto tax law next year or not. Last week, all parties agreed that things will go on as planned ?. Under the new plan, the government will impose a 20% tax on all income gotten from crypto transactions above 2.5 million Korean won (about $2,100). It will start in January 2022, so let’s see how that goes.  

Cop Yourself an NFTikTok ?

TikTok is the latest company to jump on the NFT train! The platform where we all go to learn the latest dances launched an NFT collection last week, and it features several famous people – including Lil’ Nas X and Grimes ?. The collection is called “TikTok Top Moments,” and it will feature some of the most viral TikTok videos. Remember a video you liked? Maybe you can now buy it as an NFT. 







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