News Round Up: Exciting Stories as We March into March

February lasted for 6 whole months and landed us all its fair share of blows. But as we March into March, we’re filled with nothing but hope and the right energy to make sure it’s a month you’ll remember. As always, we’ve been keeping an eye out for the juiciest headlines from last week. Here’s some exciting news from the VP, a football surprise, a Google update, and some awesome statistics. Enjoy!

Words From the Nigerian VP, to Calm Your BP

In a wild turn of events, Vice president Osinbajo came out to openly disagree with the recent CBN update that stopped banks from dealing with crypto companies! In a recent video, he talked about how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are changing the world. He also pushed for more understanding and regulation instead of a ban. 

Blockchain Football: A league of its Own

Sorare, a blockchain firm that allows football teams to create their own tokens for fans has raised $50million. Looks like the game is about to change. If you remember, Sorare is a blockchain fantasy football platform that plans to add 20 of the top football leagues in the world. Talk about changing the essence of fantasy football as we know it!

Google for Crypto

It doesn’t get more mainstream than this! Google finance has started showing the prices of some top cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. This means that anyone who already uses Google services can now view crypto prices in the same place as stock prices. Awesome right?

The 100 Million Army

Crypto is now a global army of over 100 million people marching together towards a new financial system. There are now 100 million crypto users in the world!! And 71 million of them belong to the Bitcoin family! That’s how much crypto has grown and you’ve contributed to that growth one way or another. How does it feel to be special? ?

By Visa, You Have a New Master ??

More people are looking at sending money with crypto now that Visa and Mastercard have raised their processing fees. Cryptocurrencies have never looked juicier now that traditional payment processors are proving to be too expensive. This is paving the way for big crypto payment platforms that charge micro fees. Ethereum 2.0 is that you? ?


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