Bitcoin Story: How I started with 1,000 Naira – Stephen

Have you ever hit that point where you asked yourself how could I be so stupid? Ah, I’m probably an ode.

So I’ve always been a hustler, at the end of the day everyone is just trying to get a better life and get money. Well, that was my case. The only thing was that I really needed to make money fast because where I was coming from, things were very hard. On a day to day, it was hand to mouth, wondering where the next meal would come from.
So I tried my hands on different hustles to make money. 

First was Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) registrations and online registrations for people. If you wanted to write JAMB I was your registration guy. I also ran Cyber Cafe services. Then I did some soft work in media, videography. I installed media gadgets and did training on media. The goal was to go wherever the money was or could be.

At some point, there was a strike at my university and I was jobless. I was terrified I wouldn’t have anything to do and the meaning of that was hunger. I’m not even a fan of being idle, but if you’ve ever applied for 120 jobs in 2 weeks you would understand when I say there were zero jobs. I walked around all day with my beaten shoes, cracking my brain thinking about what to do. 

Someone introduced me to Bitcoin and this guy said I could put in my money in this internet money and somehow it would grow. Haha, I thought he was crazy, I laughed the lunatic out of my room. Frankly, it sounded like voicemail, baba was setting me up to lose. And I already didn’t have money to start with so it was like he was just insulting me. You know how persistent Jehovah witness people are, they would say this guy is an overachiever because he didn’t let it go.

So I decided to try it. I had one last 1,000 Naira in my account, it was food for the next 3 days but I said let me check this thing out. The moment I bought the Bitcoin, my body became cold. It hit me ha! How could I have made such a stupid mistake, I was crying inside and asking myself how could I really have been so stupid. After all my hustling it’s one small boy that came to run me local. I just went home in silence and I didn’t tell my roommate so he wouldn’t laugh at me, I couldn’t even fall my hand like that.

The next day, the guy tells me that the money I invested has actually grown. From 1,000 Naira to 1,300 Naira. I told him to give me back my money first. But it really looked like this thing was real when I got the money back. So he explained how it worked. It seemed very straightforward and clear. 

Till this day I always laugh when I remember what I did next. I borrowed money to plant a cucumber farm so I could raise some capital. Have you ever been so desperate? I was hungry literally and figuratively.

I was able to raise N70,000 after harvesting some really long cucumbers. Haha, I still have the pictures. I sold that and put the money into trading Bitcoin. I started trading and then I decided to go slow and very slow. The first set of trades took the money from N70,000 to N110,000 the profit was now mine because the initial capital wasn’t mine.

I kept trading and made some mistakes, a lot actually but the biggest one was using all my capital to buy Bitcoin and not selling immediately. 

It was a classic rookie mistake and it almost sent me packing to my village and ending in hot tears…lol. But from the first set of trades, I was hooked. I decided to learn and I figured one of the best ways was from people who have been in the game for a while and through a community like this.

I was determined from the beginning to win at this one and I realised it was possible but there were things to learn and I learnt them all. My capital base has grown (a lot) since the early days. I sometimes smile when I remember where I started from, now I fight my banker too regularly to increase my limits. My first trade was 3 years ago and I’ve been a full-time Bitcoiner since then. I got married a couple of weekends ago and if there’s one thing in this life I would do over again (apart from my wife because she is too awesome) it’s learning about Bitcoin.

Now I know people have had bad experiences but Bitcoin changed my life for the better. It’s not been all rosy there have been ups and downs like any normal business, but I’ve absolutely enjoyed the ride and it has been insanely rewarding, to say the least, and my banker agrees. Haha!

If you want to share your Bitcoin story or your experience with crypto. Please let us know. 
We want to share all types of stories, the good, bad and the rough so we can share all sides of Bitcoin and crypto.


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