Join The New & Improved Quidax Community

Quidaxians, we have a special announcement! 🔈

So two weeks ago, you may have noticed that our Telegram group went offline. This meant that our community was inaccessible for many of our dear Quidaxians 💔. 

Since then, we’ve been working hard to reorganize the group and make sure that this occurrence doesn’t happen again. And, we finally have an update. 

Drum roll, please………..

Our new Telegram group is up and running! 🎉

Yup, that’s right. Our Community Managers have been cooking, and we finally have a new group that’s ready to take in all our valued Quidaxians! 

What’s In It For You? 

Our new Telegram group allows you to enjoy the same benefits as the former one. These include: 

  • Access To Our Admins: Our Community Managers are always online and ready to take your requests – any day, anytime 👍. 
  • Learn About The Market: New to crypto? Then our Telegram community is where you want to be 📚. Ask any of your burning questions, participate in our sessions, and grow your knowledge bank!
  • Meet Your Fellow Cryptoheads: The Quidax Telegram Community is the littest crypto community ever! 😎 Get the chance to meet your fellow crypto fans, engage with them, and have fun. 

Earn Money With Our Fun New Activities 

Besides just learning and having fun, our Telegram community also provides an opportunity for you to earn some sweet cash 🤑. We have a new lineup of activities where you can participate and learn, while also earning money in return. 

Some of these activities include: 

New Quidaxian of The Week: 

Every week, we reward our most active new community members 💰. All you have to do is join the group and be active in the first week – comment on posts, banter with others, etc.

Top Inviters Challenge: 

Join the community, refer your friends and family, and you can win out of a prize pool ✅

Quidax Meme Competition: 

Post the funniest memes you have – they can be anything 😆. Entertain everyone in the community, and you will be rewarded if your memes get the highest engagements.

Quidaxian of the Week: 

We’re rewarding our top two active community members every week. 

All you have to do is participate in participate in community discussions, comment on #CryptoNewsoftheDay and #TradingTip 📊, bants, and other activities every day to increase your chances of winning. 

Quidax TA Session & Coin of the Week: 

Every week, we host Technical Analysis sessions 💹. These sessions include opportunities to answer questions, and we’ll be offering cash prizes to some members who get their questions right. 

Thursday Night Quizzes: 

Every Thursday, look out for our quiz sessions 🤓. Test your knowledge about crypto, and you could be one of the four lucky community members who will share a $100 prize. 

Quidax Newbie Walkthrough: 

We’ve got something sweet for the crypto newbies too! If you’re looking to learn more about crypto – and Quidax – you can participate in our Quidax Newbie Walkthrough 👣. 

Learn everything you need to know to start trading, and you can win out of $100.

So, what are you waiting for? Our Telegram group is up and running, and we can’t wait to welcome you back. Click on this link to join the littest crypto community ever! 

See you on Telegram, people! 🚀



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