Is Satoshi a Superhero?

It is usually said that superheroes (or is it angels) live among us. While we know that superheroes don’t exist, we like to think of them, not as people with superhuman skills like extraordinary strength, telepathy. Rather as everyday people whose seeming small efforts contribute to making this world a better place.

To use these everyday superheroes are the people that really make a difference. On a separate have you ever considered how much damage comic/movie superheroes do to a city in their attempt to save it from villains?

This means to us people like:

  • Benjamin Franklin who discovered electricity
  • The Wright Brothers who designed, built and flew the first aircraft
  • James Watt the Inventor of the steam engine
  • Alexander Bell Credited with inventing the first practical telephone

are superheroes

What then qualifies Satoshi, as a superhero. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain leverage on the internet to create a peer to peer system aimed at increasing credibility in financial transactions. His white paper has the potential to revolutionise the current financial system. While we acknowledge bitcoin is not perfect, it’s invention has taken the existing system steps forward to making transactions faster, cheaper and more credible.

Yes, as it stands cryptocurrency and blockchain are still miles away from wide acceptance or adoption but we believed it is only a matter of time. Until then we choose to celebrate this anonymous individual or group as superheroes whose invention extend beyond just finance into manufacturing, to health care and even government.


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