Introducing Quidax Bank Account Number (QBAN)

At Quidax we eat ?, sleep ? and wake up (of course we also do other things) to think of ways to make it easier for you to buy/sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

For a while, we have been thinking ? about how we can make it easier for you to deposit your local currency ? and that’s how the Quidax Bank Account Number (QBAN) came in.

The Quidax Bank Account Number (this is a mouthful so let’s call it QBAN, as in Mark Cuban) is your own bank account number which you can use to deposit into your Quidax wallet at any time. Here’s how it works;

How QBAN works?

QBAN is like your regular bank account number you can send money to at any time and your Naira wallet will be funded.

Before QBAN we had Bank Transfer which you can use to fund your wallet but you could only use the account number for just one transaction. So every time you needed to deposit you have to first sign in to your Quidax account, get the account number then transfer to it.

With QBAN you can transfer money at any time and it will reflect in your Quidax almost instantly.

Benefits of using QBAN

  • You can save your QBAN in your bank or wallet app and transfer to it at any time.
  • You can send money to your QBAN at any time, you no longer have to sign in to your Quidax account before you can fund your Naira wallet.
  • You can give your QBAN to your friends and family to drop something light for you. 

How can I get my QBAN?

  1. Sign in to your Quidax account
  2. Click/Tap on Deposit
  3. Click/Tap on Quidax Bank Account Number. (Once it generates, give it 10 minutes before you take it out for a spin. In that time it is telling all other banks that there’s a new kid on the block)
  4. Copy your QBAN
  5. Then send money to your QBAN from your bank or wallet app.

The money will reflect in your wallet in a few minutes.

To get a QBAN you need to have done your BVN verification.

Still curious about QBAN you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS).

Here’s a video on how to get your QBAN via the Quidax mobile app


If you are using the Quidax website here’s the video you want to watch on how to get your QBAN


Do you have feedback?

If you have any suggestions you can send us an email, we are always all ears?? to listen.


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