Instant Buy & Sell on Fleek: Version 2.0

What has your experience been like using Instant Buy & Sell, possibly not the best right? We know, and we are really sorry but we promise that was the past. Welcome to Version 2.0.

Thanks to feedback from users like yourself we took a look at the previous Instant Buy & Sell with an eye on how we can improve it.  

At some point in the process, we weren’t sure if we were building a new exchange or making an upgrade. Because it felt like we had built 5 exchanges while we were at it. Not to brag but that’s how much we go the extra mile to ensure you have a top-notch experience when using Quidax.

Finally, after a splash of colour, some icons, a lot of coding, debates (actually shouting bouts), 0 punches and loads of review (Thanks, Wole).

We retooled the Instant Buy & Sell and we present to you Instant Buy & Sell 2.0.

Here are 3 things to know about the new Instant Buy & Sell, really 3 but you may not notice the 3rd:

  1. An updated design that makes it easier to navigate
  2. A confirmation page that allows you to verify a transaction before confirming it.
  3. A guarantee that you would always receive the value you confirmed

The not so obvious is that the Instant Buy & Sell is dynamic and ensures you get the best price for your buy/sell order at the time you make it. As all orders need to be confirmed within 30 seconds before it expires. This ensures that you get exactly what you expect, not a kobo more or a satoshi less.

Try it out and tell us what you think.  Also, as before you can start with as little as 200 Naira.


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