Inside Life at Quidax: The Tech Bro Taking his Internship by Storm

Hey people, it’s another episode of Inside Life at Quidax.
Today, we’re gisting with someone who’s making the most of his internship at Quidax. From the Engineering team, meet the budding tech bro who has carved out a nice spot for himself at Quidax!

Introducing the one and only Nottidge! ???

Story Time!!!!!

Okay so Backstory: You know that one person who always has the craziest ideas that end up solving the problem? Yeah, that’s Nottidge. He shows that being an intern doesn’t make your voice less important than that of the next person. Anyway, we asked him a couple of questions about his life at Quidax and here’s how that went: 

Gist us about what a typical day is like working in your role, the ups and downs, the whole tea!

I’m an intern, so my day typically starts with standup by 9am. Then comes the cup of coffee (super important!). Then I check my mail, and slack messages and dive into my daily tasks. When I’m bored, I just go to the general slack channel and read through the antics of Pelumi and Big Daddy ?. 

Back story: Pelumi and Big Daddy are literally two of the funniest people ever. When they’re not being funny on Slack, they’re solving problems that matter. I know what you’re thinking: why is his name Big daddy? Omo…. take it like that ? 

How did you find yourself at Quidax?

Well, I was looking for an internship spot, so I sent Quidax my CV and hoped for the best. Someone from Quidax reached out to me asking when I would like to start, and that was it. I eventually got my acceptance in early March. I was so excited that I jumped up and down and ran around my floor ?.

Ahn ahn small boy big God! More favor, less labor  ??

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve worked on at Quidax so far?

The most interesting thing I’ve worked on at Quidax was converting a vanilla js project to a react project. At the time, I knew next to nothing about react. I really enjoy the Read-Search-Ask cycle.

Which one is Vanilla? Is it ice cream? ?

I worked with Chioma, an amazing frontend engineer, who guided me through the process. I found it so interesting because of how much I learned. I still learn every day at Quidax. That’s one of the many things a career at Quidax is, a commitment to lifelong learning.

What’s something you didn’t know about crypto before joining Quidax that you know now?

I didn’t know that different crypto exchanges have slightly different prices ?. Sounds obvious, but I just didn’t know.

Sidenote, if you want to know why prices are different, check out this short explanation. 

What part of the Quidax culture shocked you?

How accessible management is! Everyone is just so chill! I can also easily call up any Quidaxian and all I have to do is say I work at Quidax and that’s it. We’re family. I remember calling Kelechi and she walked me through the entire withdrawal process herself. Everyone is just super nice, and I love it ?.

What do you do to unwind when you’re not working?

This is a real question, one I don’t think I can answer yet. Burnout hits me really hard. I’m terrible at handling it.

Ah, let’s talk about this burnout. *wears therapist glasses ?*

How do you handle burnout when it hits?

For me, burnout has stages. When stage 1 hits, I handle it by reorganizing my workspace. My cure for stage 2 is going to the office more frequently. But if I get stage 3 burnout, I call a cousin of mine I’m close to, and relate everything to her, she always helps put my life in perspective.

To the cousins who are actually angels in disguise ?

Finally, why do you think people should join Quidax?

Because there’s literally no better place to be!! Work feels like a social package where your coworkers become your best friends. 


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