Inside Life at Quidax: The Customer Success Ninja Saving Wallets and Winning Hearts

Hey people, it’s another episode of Inside Life at Quidax. And today, we’re gisting with someone who you’ve probably interacted with, even if you didn’t know. From the Customer Success team, aka the super hero team ?‍♀️, comes the fiercest, kindest, most resourceful person ever! Introducing the one and only Kelechi! ???

Story Time!!!!!

Okay so Backstory: Kelechi is a lifesaver, period! She’s a member of the customer success team and dedicates her time to helping and educating our customers. Basically, she’s one of the friendly faces who does everything she can to help. So we asked Kelechi a couple of questions at Quidax and here’s how that went 

Gist us about your role: What you do, the ups and downs, and the whole tea

Basically, I act as the bridge between customers and the company. If there’s something wrong, I gladly chop the insults from the customers and dilute it with hollandia yogurt. If there’s something great, I also first-hand feel the happiness of our customers. It’s a healthy mix of “God punish you”, a sprinkle of “your head is not correct” occasionally, and a generous dose of “God bless you, great service” on the good days. So it works.

The best part is that this role has taught me ownership, patience, empathy and generally improved my communication skills. 

How did you land in Quidax?

One day, my friend Michael sent me a job vacancy for a Customer Success Intern role. I look through and I see ‘Quidax’. So I go ahead and apply because I know Michael can’t send me rubbish. When I saw the assessment, I went back to complain to Michael oh But he said it was because the role was competitive. Anyway, I sent it back in, had interviews and found myself at Quidax.

Where are you people seeing these friends? ?

What part of Quidax work culture shocked you when you started?

The day of the final interview for Quidax, I also had an interview at a bank. So picture this: me looking sharp in my suit ??, coming from the bank where I had answered aspire to perspire questions, asked by perspire to aspire people with serious faces. Then I get to the Quidax office, only to meet a HR lady wearing jeans, a shirt, and sandals with a smile on her face. 

Ah! I was scared oh. I was like “this must be a kidnapping!” A smiling HR lady? When I was used to mean-looking HR personnel ?? But I reminded myself that Michael cannot send me rubbish. I entered and everyone was gisting and laughing. 

So…. How did the interview go?

I saw Buchi first and had no idea he was the CEO because he wasn’t dressed like one (I had an image in my head of how everyone should dress to work because of my corporate background. Everyone in the room was casually dressed.

It was so good that at some point, I forgot there was an interview going on. Someone would crack a joke and laugh out so loud, I didn’t even know when I joined them in laughing. I felt completely relaxed and instantly knew I was going to enjoy my time here. It’s been two plus years and I’m happy with what I do here at Quidax and the work environment.

How has working at Quidax changed your perception about crypto?

Before Quidax, I had no knowledge of crypto so I had to learn on the job. Working here has made me understand crypto a lot better. When I joined and told people I worked in a crypto firm, I used to get snide remarks like “that yahoo yahoo thing” and I always felt bad hearing that. I heard it so much and thought maybe there was a bit of truth in it especially when I hadn’t understood it myself but now I understand that no part of that is true.

If you weren’t working in your current role, what would you be doing?

I would have said traveling the world, reading books, eating breakfast in Maldives, lunch in Bali and dinner in Santorini but I’d leave that in my dreams where it belongs ? 

Big money Kelz! Balling in a Bear market ?? 

Why do you think people should join Quidax?

Trust me, Quidax is a really cool place. Great culture and amazing people.


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