Inside Life at Quidax: The Content Designer That Knows About Everything

Long time no see, right?

We’re back with a super special episode of Inside Life at Quidax! And today, we’re talking with someone who does a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make sure that Quidaxians never want anything.

Say hello to Emperial. She works as a Content Designer at Quidax, and her job is to ensure that every Quidaxian finds it easy to use our mobile app and website. 

Emperial spends a lot of time building cool stuff, and she’s pretty much fascinated about everything – no, really; ask her anything about any topic, and she probably has something to contribute. She’s like a human encyclopedia.

Tell us about your role. What you do, what a typical day is like working in your role, the ups and downs, the whole tea?

I work as a Content Designer at Quidax. Basically, I create content across all customer journeys. You might think it’s just about writing stuff, but it’s more than that – I design experiences with words. 

As a content designer, I represent our customers. I’m considering their behavior while also interacting with our content. I also consider how customers think before they take action. 

My typical day? El oh El…

The first thing I will say is that no two days are the same. My job varies, so it’s hard to say what a normal day looks like. Everyday, I have team meetings, huddles with some teammates, syncs, writing sessions, and a LOT of research.

Because of the nature of my job, I can spend an entire day working on just one piece, with a lot of back-and-forth between various people. Sometimes, it feels like I’ve handled a week’s worth of copies in a single day. 

Want to know one of the biggest misconceptions about my work?🤦‍♀️

People sometimes think that good copies can be made with a single snap of the fingers. Oshey, Thanos!

I get a lot of, “just come up with a simple line of copy to address this issue”

Haq Haq Haqqity Haq! Say wetin???

The irony of my type of writing is that the fewer words you want, the more time I need.

So how do you begin your work process?

When it comes to copy and content, there are different ways to practically address this.You can view content based on the projects themselves, the environment they’re in, and the context of what is required.

To begin with, we all have different and unique voices as humans.  The same is true for Quidax. Our brand reflects who we are and how we want our customers to feel when they use our products. As a result, all of our content is as important as the look and feel of understanding a customer’s experience. 

Research is ALWAYS an important part of the content design process. With research, I can get a lot of information and resources that make my job easier. I also do competitive and comparative analysis into different issues to understand how other companies have handled them in the past. 

Context is something I adore. You can geek out on me all you want🤲😌, as long as you use examples and stories to answer my questions. It’s hard to present something clearly to a customer when it confuses you too. So, I have ongoing conversations with the team to understand each issue better.

My writing process also begins with a pen and notepad. I like the concept of scribbling down a bunch of scattered ideas on a notepad and then adding structure when I type them out.

I also enjoy describing how I think. Because I can simply mix and match small copies, and I always feel like there’s a story behind all my copy choices.

I love letting my copies simmer and marinate, so I always want to know the deadlines for projects. Unless it’s an “emergency” (which happens about 70% of the time😏), I appreciate this “luxury.”

Truthfully, I love what I do. I’m always working on interesting products with amazing, smart and supportive colleagues who help me grow. What else could I ask for? 

How did you land in Quidax?

What was the interview like? What doubts did you have? How did you feel when you got the offer?

Jowie, (my fairy godmother😇), contacted me on LinkedIn. I just got in touch with the company, and boom! After several interviews, I got the job. 

Where did your culture shock begin?

Honestly, it was the last interview with the CEO, Buchi, and the People and Culture team.

Buchi asked me the ‘most random’ questions ever and kept a smiling face. I had never been in that situation before. 


It made no sense to me. I was expecting the ‘where do you see yasef in 50 years’ question… 

As soon as that call ended, I had to Google him the 1,126th time because ‘what is this bayii?’ ‘Shey the CEO of Quidax dey whine me ni?’

Would you really blame me? Suit-and-tie culture made it appear that CEO interviews were like getting a summons from the gods. 

A few weeks after I joined the company, I finally understood why. Buchi is very very very (x1,000)  intentional about the Quidax culture, and you can easily see that in how he relates with everyone.  

When I reflected on that interview, I realized he wasn’t seeking right or wrong answers. He just wanted an honest look into my thought process. He was probably trying to figure out if my values and behaviors fit with Quidax culture.

Take a look at us. It’s like we were all hand-picked. Everyone at Quidax is smart AF. We’re funny, innovative, helpful, and open-minded.

In Aluko’s words (loosely) ‘Nothing beats having team members who are supportive, and are also good at and love what they are doing’.

What part of Quidax work culture shocked you when you started?*

Bruuuuuuhhhh!!!!!! I have like maybe, 10?

First on that list is Buchi’s company newsletter, What’s Papping Weekly (WPP)! 

WPPs are litty lit! Buchi is steady giving us the tea – and it’s sweet tea too! I don’t read them in a hurry. And even when I do, I always go back to check out every word and sentence. 

WPP is a natural extension of our commitment to be honest, open, and transparent. I love how it’s okay to be comfortable and be yourself about your concerns and needs within and outside your team. 

Other culture shocks are better experienced, I swerrugad! But e sweet die!

How has working at Quidax changed your perception about crypto?


You know, a few years ago, if anyone had asked how I felt about crypto, I probably would have said it was some online pyramid scheme and trade platform explored by geeks with hoodies.

So wonderfully wrong!

I think we’ve somewhat gotten to a point where people and businesses can’t ignore the growing wave of crypto for long. Crypto offers a new way to handle finances, and many also find that the financial freedom of crypto has liberated them from the problems of traditional banking.

Anyone who is genuinely interested in crypto can learn about it with the Quidax Academy. I know that it might take some effort to grasp, but what do you have to lose by learning the basics first before going deeper? 

Thankfully, Quidax has a FREE beginner course to get anyone started.

If you weren’t working in your current role, what would you be doing?

Girlllllll… Imma be on a yacht, receiving soft massages in the sun, reading my favorite book, and drinking my favorite wine… 

But seriously though, I probably would have been on TV?🤨 Or Marketing Communications?🤔 Maybe, publish some intelligent research, about Neuroplasticity, Career Transitions, Fitness and wellness, Behavioral/Product Psychology and Sexual Health? 👩‍🏫 I can do anything, yo!

We’ll never know, right?

What do you do to unwind when you’re not working?

Over time, I’ve realized that I’d rather work to prevent it. But, exercising has been quite beneficial. I made a conscious effort to work out at least 5 days a week so I can bring my best self to work.

But again, anything may happen. So, I just read. I have a lot of books in different genres, but when I need a little escape, I curl up with a hot, steamy romance novel by Collen Hover or Maya Banks.

I also love enjoying the company of others and changing locations or settings every once in a while. 

Why do you think people should join Quidax?

Communication is strong at Quidax. It matters a lot. We invest in an open and interactive work environment, and we always love feedback.

Quidax also encourages growth.  The company provides opportunities for employees to gain new skills and take on new responsibilities, from promotions to training programmes.

Every day, we innovate and offer new ideas with freedom. Nobody is worried about speaking and getting into trouble. We nor be winch!

I also love that we value our customers and have a variety of them. We delight in offering excellent service always, and we keep going until we get the right results.

Perks and benefits? Suuuwwweeeet!

Have I mentioned how intelligent, smart, cool and supportive everyone is?

My first 30 days with Quidax had me wondering, “Where have you ALL been?” ‘What took you so long?’ I’m really glad I’m here


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